Temporary Structures

Temporary structures on display.

Temporary Structures Delivered Across North America

Temporary structures from AFIMAC Global come in an incredible variety of shapes and sizes suitable for large-scale events, workforce support, or natural disaster response. AFIMAC continues to develop extended equipment rental options for clients across North America, helping municipal governments, event promoters, or employers call upon additional support resources for any reason. Have temporary structures deployed to your site for short-term assignments, with AFIMAC handling every logistical detail, including the equipment’s safe return. Such structures are customized to the needs of each individual client, with solutions that can even include additional human resources.

Temporary structures on display.

Temporary Structures For Events

City-wide events call for additional support to ensure the comfort and safety of all guests. Section off specific parts of your event space to manage the flow of traffic, or create VIP spaces for your patrons. Further, have structures deployed to non-traditional locations for outdoor music festivals, motorsports events, community fairs, or parade routes.

Providing Shelter When Other Options Remain Limited

Employers in mining, natural gas, forestry, or any industry where outdoor work is required can see great benefits from having a temporary structure deployed to their job site. Provide shelter from weather or keep key equipment and human resources safe with structures deployed anywhere in North America.

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Natural Disaster Support For Private Industries and Government Agencies

Call upon AFIMAC to develop an entire base camp that is focused on community support and recovery efforts in the midst of a natural disaster. Offer a safe space for first responders to reground and rest, or provide shelter when a disaster challenges a community or your workforce. Temporary structures and tents are just the beginning when it comes to AFIMAC basecamp offerings and can also include temporary washrooms, showers, handwashing stations, and a deployable kitchen

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