Event Management Services and Security For North American Promoters

February 17, 2024

Event Management Services & Security Available in North America

Event management services from AFIMAC can be called upon to support a promoter’s efforts, whether it be political rallies, award ceremonies, outdoor music festivals, or community events. Risk management in the live event industry remains complex as the public has expectations that the events they attend are free from reasonable risk. Now, promoters must consider the possibilities of demonstrations, bomb threats, and natural disasters impacting the events they play host to.

Without any plans or efforts in place to manage risk, hosts of live events could face the possibility of becoming liable for personal injuries should something unfortunate occur. Lean on a third-party risk management firm such as AFIMAC to help you plan for absolutely anything, provide security resources, and preemptively monitor threats before they ever cause harm. 

Event management services illustrated by a photo of a large outdoor concert in Nashville.

Event Management Services That Provide Comfort, Security, and Care for Live Events

The live event industry has boomed post-pandemic as pent-up demand has left promoters struggling to keep up with the public’s appetite for music and entertainment. But even with such enthusiasm for live events, careful planning and support assets should never be overlooked, as it can help to keep all parties safe and secure.

Simple things like handwashing stations, mobile washroom rentals, and power generation are perfect for ensuring your event runs as smoothly as possible, but your efforts should never stop there. Anything can happen at a large outdoor event, and third-party consultation can help hosts spot risks that would likely be overlooked. AFIMAC takes inspiration from the U.S. military’s risk management practices, and considers absolutely any possible risk scenario against your event, and offers extensive planning and support resources to manage and mitigate any challenge.  

Event Management Services Including Security Solutions

Having support resources in place, including traditional security guards, is the foundation of effective event management. But sourcing security teams and those qualified to manage the public and the needs of musical acts, VIPs, or high-profile guests is always easier said than done. AFIMAC can assist any event host with their security personnel needs, helping you attain world-class security and risk management. 

Even with local labor shortages for security or support personnel, AFIMAC’s mobile workforce is delivered to your job site for short-term assignments. Lean on AFIMAC to provide general laborers, security details, protective drivers, and even close protection agents for VIPs who expect exceptional service and peace of mind. Further, leverage such human resources for the setup and tear down of your next musical festival or motorsports event, even with temporary structures that can be suited to fit any of your needs.

The Role of Information for Effective Risk Management in the Event Industry

Simple private investigation tools, including social listening, provide incredible value in regard to risk mitigation. Lean on our private investigators to comb through social chatter and identify political groups or individuals who are planning to disrupt your event or spot formal threats against your guests. These tools are especially relevant for political parties, award ceremonies, or event hosts with high-profile guests who attract the general public.

Be notified the instant a security risk presents itself, pivot your resources, call upon additional security measures, and take reasonable steps to keep the public safe. Staying one step ahead of risk can be one of the most effective ways of preventing something unfortunate from happening to your event, helping you stay quietly informed of whatever is occurring within the general public.

Full-Service Event Security from AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC remains proud to serve hosts and promoters of high-profile events and multi-day festivals of all kinds. Big and small events can benefit from AFIMAC’s security resources and the full-service event management offerings available across Canada and the United States. Leverage security solutions and tap into human resources that can help promoters play host to the public and high-profile guests, and lean on AFIMAC, which has specialized in these complex risk management services for decades.

Partnering alongside a third-party company such as AFIMAC shows a host’s dedication to providing a safe event. Our extensive planning services and resources can serve anything from small community events to large multi-day festivals across the continent.

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