Close protection agent shortages can compromise the security of politicians.

Close Protection Agents

Close Protection Agents: Shortages Place The RCMP in a Tough Predicament

March 30, 2023

Close Protection Agents: Shortage Solutions From AFIMAC

Close protection agents and shortages are putting some of the nation’s most high-profile individuals at risk. While labour shortages complicate supply chains and industries, RCMP shortages are poised to complicate the lives of Canadian politicians at all levels of government. Many major media outlets are reporting that security agent shortages are a growing cause for concern, as even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s security teams are short-staffed. The end result could put Prime Minster Trudeau and his family at risk.

Close protection agent escorts an AFIMAC client.

Labour shortages in Canada are not exclusive to the service sectors and are creeping into more skilled workforces. As Canadian politicians are faced with increased frustrations from the general public, security incidents across the country could rise alongside them. Ensure you are protected from a number of growing security concerns tied to the work of politics.

Close Protection Complications from RCMP Shortages

Mainstream media reports that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is experiencing extreme labor shortages of up to 25% of their security forces, with limited solutions available to address the needs of Canada’s politicians. Those in the public eye are often faced with verbal and physical harassment, which, if left unchecked, could turn into violent assault. While the RCMP continues to expedite its recruitment efforts, the needs of politicians continue to outpace their hiring process.

Close protection agents bring along specialized training to manage risks and address threats against the politicians they protect. Many of these security agents have extensive security training, law enforcement experience, and driver training that can ensure the safety of elected officials. Their skill sets are unique and require years of specialized training and experience. For the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, these ongoing labour shortages mean that politicians will need to revise their schedules and cancel public appearances should they not have access to the right security forces. Further, labour shortages can place incredible strain on existing workers, hurting morale and eventually causing burnout. The RCMP will need to explore solutions alongside private security companies that can offer relief to ongoing labour shortages.

Ongoing Political Unrest and Turmoil in Canada

Canada is faced with several issues that could turn the general public against local, provincial, and federal politicians. Increasing recessionary fears among the public could have everyday people turning against their politicians. Online threats can grow into something more problematic, and social media allows disgruntled groups of people to organize and protest politicians at a remarkably fast pace. In some cases, protestors can track the movements of prominent politicians and plan a demonstration in a matter of hours.

Growing instances of strikes and labour shortages, including the province of Ontario’s use of the notwithstanding clause to override strike action, is likely to negatively impact a politician’s public perception. Many Canadian politicians should be preparing now to address security concerns related to strike action. AFIMAC continues to monitor online chatter in regard to contentious Canadian politics and can even predict the movements of protestors before they threaten your well-being. 

Security Resources Available From AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC maintains extensive databases of skilled workers from both Canada and the United States to address labour shortages facing the RCMP. When your organization’s recruitment efforts are unable to keep pace with security demands, AFIMAC is unique in that its database of skilled security specialists can step in to manage challenges and ensure the safety of Canadian politicians. AFIMAC also handles all the logistics and even provides temporary workforces with accommodations. 

We maintain a suite of security solutions that can help address security concerns, often on short notice. We can work alongside you and your family to offer protective security services for the workplace, public appearances, travel, and even your home. Find peace of mind that comes with the security services of AFIMAC that are tailored to your needs.

Employers, politicians, religious leaders, and high-net-worth individuals are encouraged to reach out to AFIMAC directly to learn more about their options. Contact us now and tap into security resources available anywhere in North America. Contact us now.

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