Executive Protection That Offers
Peace of Mind for the Families
of Senior Leaders

Executive Protection That Offers Peace of Mind for the Families of Senior Leaders

August 7, 2023

Executive Protection and Home Security by AFIMAC

Executive protection is commonly misunderstood as a service offering intended just for senior leaders in North America. But the truth is that full-service executive protection services address security risks facing a leader’s travel arrangements, home, and family members. When threats are issued against an executive, their children and family often suffer the most. Executive security and personal protection services offered by AFIMAC address every detail of a threat, including VIP protection services for family members.

When the risks of managing a large corporate brand spill into the personal lives of executives, a swift and comprehensive response can work to protect so much more than the executive themselves. Executive protection also protects an employee’s children, partners, extended family, and home. The delicate issues of personal security facing senior leaders are not unfamiliar to AFIMAC and can be addressed with incredible speed and efficiency. 

Executive Protection: When Should Personal Protection Services Be Called Upon?

Executive protection is best utilized when a serious threat is issued against a corporate leader. Whether the threat is issued online or in person, swift action conducted on behalf of the employer can prevent these threats from turning into something much more serious. When employers react quickly to threats, they can plan for and manage risk beyond the traditional workplace.

AFIMAC’s intelligence-gathering tools can also investigate the source of a threat, helping executives make the most informed decision possible regarding the security of themselves and their families. Tap into resources needed most, and monitor ongoing threats occurring on digital message boards and social media platforms, remaining one step ahead of those who pose security risks.

Executive Protection: When to Conduct Preemptive Security Planning

Senior leaders who are expecting a unionized labor strike, major layoff, or have made insensitive comments online should begin preparing security measures immediately. Negative sentiment can travel extremely quickly online and rattle the public, turning a viral tweet into real-life security threats in a matter of hours. The same applies to celebrities, athletes, and politicians who are caught up in negative media attention or have elicited a negative reaction from the general public.

Every precaution should be made when there are impending security risks or threats, with protection services that extend beyond the individual and includes family members. If an employer expect issues to arise in the near future, extensive planning can be conducted quickly to protect family members, including arrangements for secure transportation, access control services, and 24-hour physical executive protective agents stationed directly at the home.

Executive Protection for Family Members

The truth is that high-net-worth individuals, especially public-facing executives, tend to attract negative attention, including the risk of violence, robbery, stalking, and home invasion. Whatever the intent of a bad actor is, security risks can also impact the safety of an executive’s family. When an official threat is uttered, calling upon executive security measures from AFIMAC can address risk and speak to the concerns of family members. 

Corporate entities should never underestimate the reach of motivated individuals that wish to cause harm to the family members of senior leaders. Bad actors could harvest the personal information of family members online or on social platforms and attempt to kidnap them in an effort to extort money from the executive.

Executive Protection Offerings from AFIMAC

Whether executive protection is required at the home, workplace, or even during travel arrangements, family members are part of the comprehensive service offerings from AFIMAC. Offerings include everything from around-the-clock physical security presences to protective drivers and risk mitigation tools that help keep VIPs one step ahead.

AFIMAC protective drivers can facilitate the safe movements of a client’s children and partner while actively working to monitor threats, both online and in person. AFIMAC’s private investigation and social listening tools dive deep into online conversations, effectively predicting risk and dispatching resources where needed.

Never leave safety to chance, and address security risks before they result in personal injuries, kidnapping attempts, or worse. Fill out the form below and get in touch with us today. Many of our resources can be provided on short notice, helping you to act quickly during an emergency. No threat is too big or too small; reach out today to learn more and address threats against your family as soon as possible.

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