High-risk employee terminations are challenging for any employer as a worker is pictured being recently let go.

High Risk Terminations and the
Increased Risk When Dealing
With Those With Mental

High Risk Employee Terminations and Challenges With Mental Health

June 29, 2023

High Risk Employee Terminations Could Pose Security Risks to Your Workplace

High risk employee terminations come with their own inherent security risks in 2023. The everyday staff member has become increasingly hostile, and the onus is on the employer to create a positive outcome while delivering the unfortunate news. Consider whether your frontline staff knows how to effectively communicate and de-escalate challenging situations, including mass layoffs, and what you, as an employer, can do to manage these risks. While there is truly no best way to fire an employee, there are many steps an organization can take to protect staff both on and off the job site.

AFIMAC offers extensive resources for employers facing difficult and high-risk layoffs and terminations in 2023. Through extensive de-escalation training, physical security resources, and access control implementation, employers can address the risks associated with a layoff and ensure that all parties remain safe and secure. Navigate the economic uncertainty of 2023 by enlisting a third-party security company that is well-versed and experienced in these delicate matters. 

High Risk Employee Terminations: The Facts About Worker Mental Health

Forbes recently reported that in 2023, worker mental health is in a difficult state, as instances of burnout remain high while the demands of home life mount. The result is a long list of mental health challenges facing the average worker, which can result in irritability, workplace violence, and general hostility. 

The healthcare sector, in particular, remains in a delicate state, as personal support workers and skilled healthcare professionals have carried a heavy burden since the pandemic began. In other sectors, those who work with the general public, including publicly-funded employees such as teachers, social services, and transportation workers, have faced serious challenges. 

When an employer decides to terminate staff, it could push workers to act out against their managers and senior leaders. The risk of an active shooter scenario is high, and employers face the real possibility that terminating an employee could put themselves and remaining workers in harm’s way.

High Risk Employee Terminations and the Role of Social Media

Ongoing threat monitoring is an essential part of any mass layoff. Employers can stay one step ahead of security risks within the workforce by levering the social listening tools offered by AFIMAC. When acts of workplace violence occur, there are often a series of warning signs that show themselves on many major social platforms. 

AFIMAC can work on your behalf to tap into these conversations to gain a temperature reading of high-risk individuals and determine whether or not they pose a real risk to your workplace. All AFIMAC’s threat monitoring and social media tools adhere to North America’s privacy laws, allowing employers to gain access to critical information about their workforce. 

High risk employee termination security illustrated by a worker leaving the office after being fired.

Security and De-Escalation Training

Ongoing consultation and training conducted on behalf of a third party like AFIMAC can help your managers and senior leaders identify high-risk employees and de-escalate challenging situations. With the right training, your senior leaders can navigate the process of laying off long-time employees in the most graceful way possible. 

Some employees may react negatively at the moment, or they may return to the workplace to vent their frustrations later. Should this risk exist, de-escalation training may simply not be enough, and employers will need to enlist security resources for weeks, sometimes months, after a mass layoff.

Security Solutions and Risk Mitigation By AFIMAC

Explore a number of access control, security guard, and executive protection security solutions that look closely at every potential risk factor during these difficult times. Layoffs and terminations continue to be an unfortunate cost of doing business in 2023, and the resulting threats against your business could have long-lasting consequences. Many companies that do not take such risks seriously could be found liable for the actions that occur during a high-risk layoff. Manage such risks and enlist the specialists at AFIMAC to ensure you plan appropriately.

Work alongside AFIMAC to mitigate security risks tied to mental health challenges in your workforce. No business is too big or small, connect with us directly by filling out the form below and speaking with a representative today. Don’t delay and contact us now to learn more about the role of AFIMAC in such challenges.

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