Executive protection training being conducted by AFIMAC Global representatives.

Executive Protection Training

Executive Protection Training Services Available in Spring of 2023

February 1, 2023

Executive Protection Training Services: Managing Security Risks Globally

Executive protection training is now being offered by AFIMAC. AFIMAC provides extensive training for both individuals and existing security teams. The week-long training program in Toronto builds off the fundamentals of close protection and places trainees directly in the field with real-world examples.

Close protection training from AFIMAC is set to begin on April 24, 2023, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Learn From The Best

Learn from the absolute best in the security industry and tap into the knowledge base of close protection agents who have served some of the most prominent figures in the world.

AFIMAC’s close/executive protection training program is taught by none other than Hatem Amin, whose experience spans international borders. Hatem has served as the Close Protection Instructor and Coordinator for the National Institute of Security & Protection, the Lead Protection Agent for the US Ambassador of Egypt, and the SWAT Team Commander for Central Security in Cairo. His training included time at the US State Department, specializing in high-risk close protection, Counter Assault Team (CAT) training, and counter-terrorism training.

Executive Protection Training Services: AFIMAC Course Content 

Trainees will learn the fundamentals of close/executive protection and explore methodologies that can bring security risks to a screeching halt. You will also learn how to identify threats, collect intel, and develop comprehensive security plans that can ensure the safety of those you protect. Become specialized in threat assessments and security advances, including security detail formations for specific special events, all based on real-world examples.

In-field training also includes tactics for inspection and identification procedures for vehicles, inspection of suspicious packages, and evacuation maneuvers during motorcade collaboration. The final days of training cover the specific points of protective detail and foot formations, the use of a motorcade, and pointers on unarmed combat and conflict management.

AFIMAC’s close/executive training program is a fast-paced learning experience perfect for anyone looking to take the next step in their career or for any corporation or government entity looking to advance the skills of their existing security staff. Security details can benefit from the incredible experience and knowledge of AFIMAC’s close protection security specialists, who are regularly called upon to manage security risks facing high-ranking executives, politicians and celebrities alike.

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To sign up for our executive training program, email your contact information, including company name and registrants, directly to Wayne Green at wgreen@afimaccan.com.

Spots are limited, click to learn more about our 2024 upcoming training programs for 2024.

AFIMAC regularly offers executive protection training for anyone who is interested. Reach out to us directly to learn more about our upcoming training seminars. Contact us directly to learn more about upcoming training seminars.

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