Curb Fraudulent Benefit Claims in Your Company

Fraudulent benefit claims directly affect an organization’s bottom line. When a company becomes aware that an employee is falsely receiving benefits, AFIMAC will objectively provide advice on the best course of action considering recent case law and worker's compensation board rulings in various jurisdictions. On average, AFIMAC offers more than 24 non-billable consulting hours to each client.

AFIMAC investigators can gather the necessary information and evidence accurately and legally, thoroughly investigating any potential issues. Documents are compiled and supplied to the client so an executive team can make sound business decisions that withstand civil litigation or arbitration hearings.

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AFIMAC conducts discrete, yet thorough investigative services to clients requiring benefit claims investigations. AFIMAC can help you navigate the complex issues of suspected benefit fraud, offering a customized investigation service, tailor-made to fit your individual needs.
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