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Secure Transportation: The
Elements of AFIMAC’s
Corporate Travel Solutions

Secure Transportation: The Elements of AFIMAC’s Corporate Travel Solutions

October 19, 2023

Secure Transportation Offerings That Address Duty of Care

Secure transportation services offer not only peace of mind to business travelers but also help corporate entities provide a safe space for their workforce, even if the job site is on the road. Many employers might be surprised at the risks their staff could face during corporate travel, as something as simple as visiting a well-known convention center or sending your employees to remote parts of South America. Security-specialized transportation offerings from AFIMAC address many of the potential risks of business travel, helping North American employers protect their staff and fulfill their moral and legal obligation to provide a safe space to workers beyond that traditional job site.

“Lean on a specialized security company such as AFIMAC Global to address the complexities of duty of care and corporate travel in 2023. Should employers fail to actively prepare for the challenges that could be experienced during business travel, they could face complex liability issues if any of their employees were to be hospitalized, wrongfully detained, or kidnapped.”

Learn more about AFIMAC’s corporate travel solutions and plan for travel mishaps before they cause harm to your staff and executive team members. 

Secure Transportation: The Elements of Specialized Corporate Travel Solutions

Gain a stronger understanding of risk mitigation and corporate travel solutions available to employers in North America, offered by AFIMAC Global.

Information and Intelligence Gathering

AFIMAC conducts extensive risk profiling and intelligence well before your workforce heads to their destination. Depending on the nature of your workforce’s corporate travel, unexpected risks could arise and challenge the safe movements of your staff. Everything from potential unpleasant interactions to the risk of being near a public demonstration is considered during intelligence gathering, giving employers a clear picture of the dangers that their workforce may face. 

Secure transportation illustrated by an executive sitting in the back of a vehicle driven by a AFIMAC driver.

Destinations across South America and Mexico are especially dangerous for North American business travelers, and AFIMAC can work to pinpoint and predict these complications and help your business plan accordingly.

Protective Drivers and Executive Protection

When risks are identified and require additional mitigation strategies, we can offer full-service security solutions that speak to the nature of your workforce’s travel arrangements. For the oil and manufacturing executives who must visit remote parts of Mexico to inspect a job site or the leaders who represent the meat and dairy industries, executive protection and secure drivers are available. Executive travel often calls for secure transportation solutions that offer around-the-clock security presences from highly trained professionals who can address any complication.

Many of the physical security presences offered by AFIMAC are incredibly detail-oriented, conduct ongoing route-planning, and can facilitate safe movements between job site and hotel with incredible ease. Many of the secure driver solutions from AFIMAC are highly familiar with the destination itself and capable of adjusting travel plans to avoid unexpected risks such as flash protests and heated political demonstrations.

Secure Communication and Ongoing Risk Mitigation

For large workforces that don’t necessarily require personal security guards or executive protection services, a dedicated 24/7 hotline is available when risks emerge to help and direct your employees. This service allows companies to manage any threats associated with travel, ultimately providing a safe workplace for their employees. 

Secure Transportation Solutions from AFIMAC Global

Connect with us directly to speak with a representative and learn more about our long list of service offerings that address your duty of care obligations as an employer. Corporate travel remains complex in a post-pandemic world, and risks against your staff exist in endless forms. AFIMAC’s risk mitigation tools can ensure your workforce avoids travel mishaps and remains focused on the tasks at hand.

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