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Executive Security Services
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Executive Security & The Dangers of Public Appearances

February 2, 2024

Executive Security and Protection Services For Any Occasion

Executive security and protection services are essential pieces of the puzzle during worker strikes. Close protection bodyguards from AFIMAC Global are the ultimate tactic for executives and politicians who must still make public appearances despite ongoing labor turmoil. Executives who represent large workforces and politicians who employ public servants often feel the wrath of their workforce and the general public. Without the right precautions in place, serious personal injuries can occur to both you and your family members. 

Executive Security for speaking engagements illustrated by a group of well dressed executives chatting.

Executives see the worst side of their workforce during a worker or union strike, with tensions running high even before official strike action. Simply leaving home can come with risks, while public appearances present danger that must be carefully planned for with security resources every step of the way.  

What’s at Stake During Public Appearances?

Business meetings, public speaking engagements, or even attending an award show or gala create elements of uncertainty that should never be overlooked. During a labor strike, members of your workforce may look at these public appearances as an opportunity to disrupt the event or make good on threats that have been uttered in the past. Verbal harassment and heckling during a speaking engagement can also result in embarrassing video clips being shared online thousands of times. 

Your striking workforce could make threats in public spaces or events simply because the public is aware of the scheduled appearance. These scenarios call for extensive personal security resources, including close protection bodyguards that can mitigate risks well before they occur. Lean on AFIMAC to provide secure transportation and dispatch security resources to your location that can mull over the details of the event space to prevent these issues from ever occurring. AFIMAC can even collaborate with those hosting an event, reviewing security precautions, limiting access to the event space, and gathering details on unwanted guests that could pose security risks. 

What Does AFIMAC Executive Close Protection Look Like?

At the heart of AFIMAC’s executive protection is careful planning from the risk mitigation specialists that bring real-world US military experience to your security team. Every detail of an executive’s busy itinerary is carefully planned for, pivoting security resources when required while using intelligence to their advantage. Full-service executive security brings together intelligence monitoring, highly-trained drivers, and protective agents that never leave their client’s side.

Executive protection solutions from AFIMAC consider so much more than the immediate dangers to your job site and are tailor-made depending on the risks in place. Our 360-degree approach to risk management during labor turmoil explores every security risk during travel, at home, and during public appearances. With such attention to detail and full-service solutions, AFIMAC’s goal is for leadership to never have to think twice about the potential dangers and security risks that can stem from a labor strike.

Required AFIMAC Global Reading

Stalker Concerns and Issues Related to Activist Groups

Executives in the oil and natural resources sector continue to draw negative attention from activist groups who may take a more “in-person” approach to their political activities. While social media outrage is one concern altogether, when online conversations turn angry, it’s not uncommon for some individuals to plan for something more like picketing, protesting, or large organized demonstrations. In extreme circumstances, some groups may look at a busy speaking schedule as an opportunity to disrupt the event itself or hold a large-scale protest. In the very worst-case scenario, some activists or stalkers may consider visiting the home of a high-ranking executive.

You are in the absolute best of hands when facing these kinds of concerns. AFIMAC full-service executive protection security details remain by the side of their VIP until a threat has been mitigated. By using world-class security and protection techniques, paired with private intelligence offerings, threats can be closely analyzed, predicted, monitored, and then mitigated alongside the specialists at AFIMAC Global.

The Importance of Intelligence Gathering

When executives must partake in large public events, greater care must be taken to lock down the event space and use intelligence to mitigate security risks. Striking workforces often use social media and other public forums to plan protests and vent their frustrations. With careful intelligence monitoring on behalf of AFIMAC, our specialists can pinpoint individuals who pose a risk of violence and help your security detail stay ahead of what comes next. 

Between planned protests, demonstrations, and threats, staying well informed of online chatter can work to ensure an executive or politician’s safety. Partner with AFIMAC and quietly monitor your workforce and public discussions to remain educated on potential security risks.

Full-Service Executive Security and Labor Dispute Management by AFIMAC Global

Both the C-suite executives and well-known politicians are faced with the fact that the show must go on despite ongoing labor disputes. Bolster existing security teams or call on specialized protective agents during these difficult times that allow you to conduct business as usual despite security risks. With full-service offerings available across North America, AFIMAC is well-equipped to provide solutions to these complex concerns.

Whatever your needs may be, AFIMAC can provide a deep security response either in preparation or in response to threats uttered during a labor strike. Plan for issues preemptively alongside AFIMAC and then call upon resources when they are needed most. Fill out the form below and begin the planning stages for labor disputes and the resulting security risks that could include home invasion. We are proud to serve an incredibly diverse range of clients, including well-known Fortune 500 brands, politicians, religious leaders, and executives in the food and grocery space. Services are deployable across Canada and the United States.

Contact us today to learn more: fill out the form below and learn more about your options. 

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