Event Security for Large
Sporting Events

Event Security for Large Sporting Events

July 27, 2023

Event Security Services Offered by AFIMAC

Event security for sporting events is never as simple as it sounds, as not all event security companies are created equally. Without the right resources, planning, and guidance, hosts could expose athletes and guests to risk and harm, leading to complicated liability issues. 

Security for sporting events in the US is an important aspect of successful risk mitigation, as every host has the moral and legal responsibility to create a safe atmosphere for everyone involved. Should spectators become upset over the results of a game, or your event space cannot safely handle the flow of attendees, the results could be disastrous.

Event Security and Risk Assessments

Event security and risk management work hand-in-hand for large sporting events. Whether your event is being held at a large arena or stadium or is entirely outdoor, hosts have the responsibility to carefully plan for and address risks, even if they are unlikely. Everything from poor weather, rowdy sports fans, active shooters, or terrorist attacks are real risks that should be addressed with a qualified third party.  

Leveraging a security company such as AFIMAC to identify and mitigate risks for large sporting events helps hosts and promotion companies demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe and risk-free space, avoiding complex legal issues and claims of negligence. With AFIMAC, hosts can spot risk, plan for the unexpected, and lean on security resources that speak to the unpredictable nature of such events. Assess risk properly before your attendees experience any sort of challenge.

Event Security and Emergency Planning

Despite a host’s best efforts, sometimes an unfortunate event can occur requiring a physical security presence. Natural disasters, medical emergencies, crowd surges, and venue malfunctions can potentially harm attendees even if a host has taken great strides to prevent such events. A third party can help create emergency plans that can be shared with your entire staff so they know the closest evacuation routes and the next steps to take during an emergency.  Such planning can help to reduce confusion and chaos during an unexpected crisis and ensure all patrons are safe. 

Event Security Resources, Including Security Guards and Access Control

Controlling the flow of large crowds can be exceptionally difficult for hosts, especially if a sporting event attracts a passionate fan base. Successful sporting events often take days of preparation, with risk mitigation specialists that understand every detail of risk facing a large event.

Physical security guards are just one element of proper crowd control. Some event organizers require access control systems with temporary fencing to manage guests’ movements. Security services can also reduce the risk of property damage to the venue, and protect neighboring businesses and public property.

Event Security and Threat Monitoring

Hosts of large sporting events can also benefit from ongoing threat monitoring. Bad actors looking to cause harm and create a disturbance at a sporting event often take to social media or the dark web to issue an official threat or reveal details of their plans. Many security companies can provide traditional security guards, but AFIMAC can actively monitor threats and help hosts plan for risks such as terrorist attacks, arson, or active shooters.

When a threat is identified by AFIMAC, you will be notified within minutes so you can pivot security resources and act quickly to mitigate the danger. Remain one step ahead of the bad actors that look to cause harm and ruin the enjoyment of any sporting event by monitoring online chatter, collecting intelligence, and remaining prepared for absolutely anything.

Security for Sporting Events by AFIMAC Global

Address every element of risk that comes with hosting sporting events alongside AFIMAC. With an incredible range of security resources, including mobile basecamps, security forces, and ongoing threat monitoring, AFIMAC can help you protect all attendees while ensuring that you have taken proper steps to create a safe space for all guests. No event is too big or too small, as AFIMAC can provide highly-trained security professionals, offer risk and emergency planning, along with access control systems to control large crowds.

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