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company boycott occurring outside a grocery store in New York CIty.

Is a Company Boycott Part of Doing Business Post-Pandemic?

A company boycott on behalf of the general public poses risks not only to the bottom line but also to the executives tasked with representing the business itself. Business decisions of all kinds are carefully scrutinized by the general public on popular social media platforms, with some calling for full boycotts of your business. Layoffs, worker strikes, price increases, and profit margins are analyzed by everyday people like never before, and senior leadership will need to consider the deeper security risks that could result from a corporate boycott.

Plan for public backlash that could spill beyond the digital world and into your professional life. When online boycotts turn into real-life security risks, senior leaders are strongly encouraged to have a plan in place to address risks including trespassing, vandalism, picket lines, and home invasion. For any business planning to make unpopular business decisions, take to plan for the unexpected and have plans in place to protect not only your bottom line, but your workforce, job site, and personal property. 

A Company Boycott From Mass Layoffs

Company Boycott shown via people protesting in Quebec.

Manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse industries are often forced to make the hard choice of laying off their workforce. This should never be done, however, without considering the greater risks against the business and executive team. Layoffs are hard on your workforce, and the risks of a disgruntled former employee turning to the public for support are high. Large-scale terminations can harm a business’ reputation amongst the community, and members of the public could encourage others to refrain from doing business with you or partake in public demonstrations. 

Social media fuels much of the discourse of public boycotts and workplace picketing, and businesses will need to explore both security resources and intelligence gathering tools to plan for security risks. Lock down your physical job site and tap into social chatter to predict whether the public is looking to boycott or picket the business itself with the full-service offerings from AFIMAC Global.

Boycotts in The Food, Grocery, Dairy, and Meat Industries

As inflation soars and company profits are disclosed publicly, everyday community groups on social media are taking a closer look at the financials of players in the grocery industry, When record profits are posted for anyone to discuss, it can spark outrage among the community, with regular people voicing their frustration and encouraging others to join in. Many people continue to struggle to purchase groceries and feed their families, and some might point blame at corporations or individual executives as the reason for their struggles. Between calls for boycotts and angry threats uttered on social media, executive teams can be overwhelmed with the negative response to receive from the public when quarterly financials are released.

In some of the worst-case scenarios, trusted brands that have a long-standing history serving the public can have their image tarnished for many years to come. Some customers may swear off purchasing from your business entirely, while some may organize political demonstrations and picket lines to voice their concerns. In the most extreme scenarios, members of the public may take their frustrations out on corporate property, or threaten the safety of your home and family life. These are very real security concerns that should be at the very least, planned for in some capacity. 

Political Demonstrations and Job Site Picketing

An unexpected company boycott and picketing of your business are disasters waiting to happen, creating risk for your job site, workforce, and customers. The general public can even get caught up in a political demonstration being held at one of your job sites, clashing with protestors, and sometimes experiencing a personal injury. During these difficult times, should a business fail to adequately address the security risks of a demonstration, they are likely to face complex liability issues at a later date.

When these issues happen with little notice, they can catch executive teams off guard, scrambling for security solutions. The best way to prevent issues is to actively plan for them, considering every possible risk that could stem from a boycott or protest. Take risk mitigation seriously and protect the many physical assets you maintain, along with preventing risks to the general public.

Private Investigation, Security, and Social Listening Tools For Boycotts

Boyccots, protests, and public backlash against your business create a long list of security risks that should never be overlooked. The costs of implementing risk mitigation strategies and having security resources within arm’s reach are incredibly low in comparison to ignoring these risks entirely. Make efforts to protect executive leaders, remaining workforces, and even personal properties by partnering alongside AFIMAC Global.

Players in the agriculture, livestock, meat, dairy, grocery, and fossil fuel industries have historically drawn negative attention from the public. AFIMAC is proud to serve leaders in these sectors, offering executive protection services and full-service risk mitigation for some of the most complex security concerns. Should you be facing public backlash for employee layoffs, increased profits, or labor strikes, AFIMAC can provide full-service solutions to risks in all their forms.

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