Active shooter plans from AFIMAC can deter workplace violence events such as this one. Police respond and rope off the immediate area.

Active Shooter Planning

Active Shooter Planning: Embracing Effective Risk Management

July 24, 2023

Active Shooter Planning Services Including Guidance and Consultation from AFIMAC

Active shooter planning can help employers and workplaces plan for the worst-case scenario impacting their business. When employers look to address every possible risk, they are actually fulfilling their moral and legal obligation to provide a safe workplace for all. While not every risk can be mitigated entirely, the efforts an employer makes can protect them from liability issues while saving lives at the same time.

Active shooter planning services illustrated by police lights.

Addressing the risks of a workplace shooter are truly a collaborative effort between the employer, workforce, and security company that calls for extensive planning, intelligence gathering, and threat monitoring to mitigate risks and protect all parties involved. Many active shooting suspects plan for the incident extensively, often visiting a workplace several times before committing any sort of crime. In other cases, active shooters can be employees of the business themselves and, after a difficult termination or layoff, return to the workplace.

Lean on AFIMAC Global to help your business address the risk of active shooters with intelligence gathering and training programs for your workplace.

Active Shooter Planning for Traditional Workplaces

Warehouses, construction sites, and office spaces are vulnerable to active shooter scenarios just the same as anywhere else. Should an employer be facing a high-risk termination or mass layoff, the security concerns could be extensive. Even if an employer believes that a former employee has taken the news of their termination well, they could return to the job site several days later with the motivation to hurt others.

Should a staff member be at risk of partaking in workplace violence, there are a number of clues that can be spotted before the situation becomes more dangerous. Oftentimes, disgruntled workers utter threats online or on social media and may make efforts to uncover personal details about managers and senior leaders. This could include personal addresses or travel itineraries in order to stalk or target specific individuals. When these risks arise, effective intelligence gathering and social listening can gather key information to secure a job site and prevent these risks before they happen.

Support for Schools, Universities, and College Campuses

The challenges young people face in today’s world are extensive and could create a recipe for disaster. Addressing security risks at campuses and providing a safe space for all can be especially difficult and often call for ongoing planning and consultation. Even post-secondary institutions that have their own dedicated security forces can benefit from ongoing intelligence gathering that can provide warning signs for active shooter situations. 

AFIMAC private investigators and social media specialists can comb through tens of thousands of social posts, tapping into the conversations being held on campus in order to manage the risk of an active shooter. When risks are identified online before they occur, post-secondary facilities can lock down their campuses, protect students, and save lives.

Active Shooter Preparations for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities remain vulnerable to active shooter risks and can carefully plan with the help of a qualified security company. Dedicated security forces can control the flow of people coming in and out of the job site, and intelligence-gathering solutions can spot risks and address them as quickly as possible. Active shooters who target hospitals often conduct careful research, visiting the area several times before partaking in violence. 

By leaning on intelligence-gathering tools from AFIMAC, healthcare facilities can identify suspicious people visiting their job sites and adjust their security risks accordingly. With such information, hospitals and healthcare facilities can effectively deter active shooters and create a workplace culture that calls out and reports suspicious individuals who can pose a risk to patients and staff members. 

Risk Management From AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC Global is well aware of the challenge of mitigating the risk of workplace shooters. In 2023, threats can arise in many forms, and employers have the responsibility of actively managing threats and risk before it poses harm to others. Lean on AFIMAC to conduct active shooter planning on your behalf.

Reach out to AFIMAC to explore a number of risk mitigation solutions, including workplace training programs, active shooter preparations, and intelligence-gathering tools that can predict threats against your workplace. The power of information can work to save lives, and AFIMAC can provide the tools necessary to help your workplace be a safe space for all.

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