Executive travel to south America can be done safely.

Executive Travel to South
America: Where to Begin as a
Senior Leader

Executive Travel to South America: Where to Begin as a Senior Leader

April 24, 2023

Executive Travel To South America and Available Security Solutions

Executive travel to South America often calls for more than just street smarts and common sense. The most well-prepared executives are aware of their surroundings and properly equipped with travel management solutions that ensure their safety anywhere in the world. As the risks of conducting business in South America remain extensive, every corporation should be looking to fulfill their duty of care obligations by enlisting a travel management or destination management company.

Arm your traveling executives, politicians, and workforces with the right tools that allow them to focus on business rather than the ever-changing threats in South America. 

Executive Travel To South America: Tips for Conducting Business Safely

Embrace travel management solutions from AFIMAC along with these simple tips for corporate travel to South America that can keep any business traveler safe.

Executive Travel to South America shown via a landscape in Brazil.

Think Twice About Using Local Taxis

Hailing a taxi in South America opens up a long list of threats to the safety of a traveling executive. Unfortunately, some taxi drivers may not be taxis at all and are instead focused on targeting wealthy foreigners for something much worse. Some may be focused on leading you to an unsafe neighborhood where other bad actors await. Never under any circumstance hail a random cab in public as it could lead to an attempted mugging or force you to visit an ATM under the threat of violence.

Local Authorities May Not Have Your Best Interests in Mind

Corruption in South America is extensive, and not every local police officer is looking to help the lost executive or tourist. Some criminals may pose as police officers to extort visitors for money. Fake tickets, bribes, and general fraud are common in South America, and it can be incredibly difficult to determine if a corporate traveler is being scammed or is speaking with a real police officer. Never hand over important travel documents if requested; keep paper copies on hand just in case this situation arises.

Blend in As Best You Can

Traditionally, executives tend to stick out when visiting South America. A well-dressed corporate traveler with a suitcase, watch, and cell phone tells a story to those who target foreigners. Explore clothing options that don’t necessarily shout wealth and business. Keep your valuables stored away in a small backpack, and always avoid carrying large amounts of cash.

Body language plays an important role, and traveling executives should never look lost, even if they are. Take a minute to gather your thoughts and appear as confident as possible.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Something as simple as chatting with a trusted local can reveal important details about your destination. Many places across South America remain in political turmoil, and certain locals may inform you of the potential of an upcoming protest that could put you at risk. 

Read the local news, stay informed, and remain aware of your surroundings. Should a trusted local inform you that a specific neighborhood is unsafe, heed their warnings carefully and change your approach as soon as possible. ATMs in dangerous areas may be watched by criminals, patiently awaiting a corporate traveler to use its services. Remain discreet at all times and do your best to stay close to your accommodations when conducting business.

Executive Travel Security Solutions from AFIMAC

AFIMAC is uniquely positioned to address the needs of North American executives and corporate travelers of all kinds visiting South America for work. By maintaining security resources throughout Peru, Brazil, and Columbia, AFIMAC can facilitate your travel arrangements and provide protective drivers that can ensure your safe movements even in remote destinations. Mitigate the risks of robberies, kidnapping, and political protests impacting your workforce alongside AFIMAC

As a highly experienced security company, AFIMAC remains well aware of the complications when traveling to South America. Explore several solutions that include executive protection, drivers, and destination management solutions that can manage risk and keep your workforce safe. Contact us today to learn more about your options and fulfill your company’s duty of care obligations to provide a safe workplace anywhere in the world.

Contact us directly to learn more about our offerings and explore full-service executive protection offerings to provide exceptional peace of mind during executive travel to South America. Fill out the form below and contact us now.

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