Hospital power outages are prevented with the emergency support from AFIMAC Globa.

Hospital Power Outage:
Emergency Response Planning

Hospital Power Outage Services & Emergency Response Planning

February 3, 2024

Hospital Power Outage Services: Crisis Contingency Planning for Healthcare

Hospital power outage services can manage the risk that comes from the unexpected, especially outages that can compromise any healthcare facility’s ability to provide quality care to the public. The healthcare industry simply can’t afford to experience a sudden shutdown of productivity and will need to plan for the risk of power outages with third-party risk management companies. Maintain continuity alongside AFIMAC Global and address risk in all its forms through careful planning, training, and mobile resources that can be dispatched to the job site in times of need.

Hospital Power Outage Services illustrated by a nurse helping a patient during a power outage.

Partnering with a third-party risk management and disaster response firm can assess your job site often reveals incredible details that are usually overlooked by your internal security team. AFIMAC Global takes inspiration and experience from those with extensive time spent in the military, combing over the fine details of risk and creating detailed response plans for clients. Senior healthcare leaders are tasked with taking appropriate measures to protect the public and your workforce from harm, including sudden power outages. Without the right plans in place, healthcare networks risk harm to their workers and the public.  

Hospital Power Outages Services: Planning for the Worst Case Scenario

Power outages, in particular, are difficult to plan for and can be attributed to natural disasters, severe weather, or even vandalism. Short and long-term outages are disastrous for a healthcare facility, especially in the middle of a medical procedure. Much of the medical equipment in hospital networks is reliant on a steady source of electricity, while medical record systems suddenly being shut off compromises your workforce’s ability to care for patients.  

The 2003 blackout is the most notable example of a serious power outage harming hospital networks across the northeastern part of North America. Some hospitals experienced not only power failures but a sudden surge in emergency room visits related to injuries, exhaustion, heart attacks, and more. While many healthcare facilities had generators to support operations, the blackout itself reshaped and influenced how hospital networks planned for and remained prepared for the worst-case scenario impacting their facility.

Risk Mitigation and Response in Healthcare

AFIMAC maintains fleets of assets that can work to support hospital networks facing a serious power outage or any other crisis. Our process calls for careful response planning that dispatches resources directly to the job site in the event they are needed. Oftentimes, clients pay very little to have a response plan in place, only being charged to use such resources when they are dispatched. In the event of a serious power outage, AFIMAC can facilitate the delivery of endless power generators, lighting rigs, and even support staff to help keep the lights on and prevent harm to patients. 

Such offerings can also provide responses to floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, even accommodating your workforce when there are no other options available. The comfort operations of AFIMAC can provide mobile accommodations and trailers, handwashing stations, showers, and even laundry facilities that can act as a supportive measure during times of crisis.

Power Generation Solutions from AFIMAC Global

Employers can lean on AFIMAC to manage risk in the healthcare industry, offering solutions when facilities simply don’t have the option to close their doors. Maintain continuity and have support resources transported directly to the job site as a response, whether they are power generators, comfort resources, or even fleets of support staff.

AFIMAC is proud to service public and private entities across North America, working to keep the lights on while ensuring your job site is capable of remaining resilient in the event of a serious power outage. Many of our comfort resources are reserved to support municipal governments during natural disasters but can be dispatched to any job site across North America. Where rural and remote towns offer limited aid, AFIMAC provides solutions to such challenges.

Go the extra mile to protect the patients that you serve and fulfill your duty of care obligations no matter what challenges lay ahead. Whatever the needs may be, AFIMAC can offer responses in many different forms. Our traveling workforce is highly experienced at supporting entities in a crisis, capable of stepping in when staff are exhausted or are simply unable to visit the job site itself.

Connect with AFIMAC directly and fill out the form below to begin the process of planning for risk while fulfilling your duty of care obligations with emergency response services. AFIMAC remains ready to provide the support needed anywhere in North America.

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