Put Your Precious Cargo in the Hands of Certified Cargo Escort Specialists

Sophisticated security technologies and processes can secure a product during manufacturing. But when that cargo pulls away from the dock, it becomes extremely vulnerable to sabotage, tampering, and all types of petty or organized theft. AFIMAC offers a highly sophisticated approach to securing high-value cargo in transit, from audits to escorts, GSP tracking, and intelligence briefs.

Trained and certified AFIMAC professionals can review a company's existing shipping procedures to uncover weaknesses that expose shipments to crimes of opportunity and organized crime. Based on the assessment, AFIMAC will recommend specific security management strategies that integrate people, technology, and procedures into daily operations. This can include highly trained escorts, 24-hour emergency response, risk mitigation strategies, compressive investigations, and recovery procedures.

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Blending Innovation and Technology to Create Cargo Solutions with PULSE

Through various partnerships, AFIMAC can also offer the cargo loss prevention and supply chain security program, PULSE. This program is designed to assist stakeholders with supply chain solutions, including real-time cargo load recovery and suspect apprehension. Streamline the entire process of hiring transportation employees and optimize security procedures for cargo trucks and shipping containers. PULSE clients also have access to advanced asset tracking services, including GPS and geofencing solutions.

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