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Security for Politicians in
Upcoming Elections

Security for Politicians in Upcoming Elections

October 5, 2023

Security for Politicians by AFIMAC Global

Security for politicians can work to ensure the success of any election campaign in North America. It can also provide peace of mind for political leaders throughout their many public appearances and speaking events, while proactively mitigating security risks before they ever happen. The threats against political leaders are extensive and highly unpredictable, but with the right planning, they can be successfully mitigated.

The election trail comes with many challenges that can attract passionate supporters but also members of the public who aren’t in line with your political views. At times, members of the public can clash at your public appearances or even attempt to disrupt the campaign and cause harm to others. Picking the wrong security services can make or break the success of your election campaign, as the risks of stalking, protests, and political demonstrations can derail it and hurt your political efforts. Should these risks be left unaddressed, they could pose a significant risk to the public, media personalities, and members of your election campaign. Prepare accordingly and leverage the resources and expertise of AFIMAC Global to ensure that during any election campaign, you have taken strides to ensure the safety of others.

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Security for Politicians in the United States

While there are no presidential elections being held in the United States in 2023, there are a number of gubernatorial and state legislative elections, including several campaigns for mayors in well-known cities and municipalities. These elections draw significant attention, both online and in-person, and come with inherent risks that simply can’t be ignored.

AFIMAC Global has worked alongside many politicians in the United States, offering protective driver services, route planning, and physical security presences that can help you prepare for large public appearances or media tours. Many mayoral elections, both for small and large communities, have the risk of drawing negative attention from onlookers. Those who look to disrupt such campaigns tend to organize online, using social media to plan for political demonstrations or utter physical threats of violence.

Security for Politicians in Canada

The political landscape in Canada has grown to be highly contentious in recent years, with many members of the public becoming more vocal and passionate about their political views. The result has created many risks for well-known politicians in Canada, where public appearances or speeches could be met with large protests that could clash with supporters or members of the public.

Oftentimes, political campaigns in Canada call for ongoing security measures in the form of protective drivers and access control for events, along with executive protection agents who work around the clock to ensure the safety of their clients. AFIMAC remains well aware of the ongoing challenges facing Canadian politicians, including online threats and intimidating political protests.

Social Listening and Intelligence Gathering

Political leaders should be looking to remain one step ahead of the bad actors who look to cause harm to politicians and complicate an election campaign. AFIMAC utilizes social listening tools that tap in on the online chatter regarding your political campaign, even predicting when a protest or demonstration will occur. With such information, politicians can adjust their campaign trail, enlist further security resources, and avoid conflict before it even happens.

When formal threats against the safety of a politician occur, AFIMAC private investigators can identify the source and work to hold criminals accountable. Such threats against the security of a political candidate are common and often hidden behind anonymous email or social media accounts. When these threats are investigated properly, it can bring an end to their efforts and offer peace of mind to the politician and their family that the issues have been addressed appropriately. 

Full-Service Security Solutions Offered by AFIMAC Global

The campaign trail may pose a serious risk to you and your entire campaign team. Planning to address these risks can help you, as an employer, fulfill your duty of care obligations and avoid complex liability issues in the future.

Connect with AFIMAC to learn more about our suite of security and social listening services that are best suited for any election campaign in North America, both big and small. AFIMAC continues to provide some of the most comprehensive security offerings for political leaders, with a 360-degree approach to safety and risk mitigation. Enlist executive protection agents, access control services, event security management, and protective driver solutions that take into account every detail of the risks associated with an election campaign. AFIMAC can even facilitate security for traveling members of the media, either locally or abroad.

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