Contingent labor services are called upon from AFIMAC as a manufacturing worker conducts work.

Contingent Labor: Skilled Worker
Databases at Your Fingertips

Contingent Labor Services: Skilled Worker Databases at Your Fingertips

September 11, 2023

Contingent Labor Services: For Employers

Contingent labor is likely an essential part of any employer’s toolbox, as work remains complex in a post-pandemic world. Surges in demand, absenteeism, and a lack of skilled labor in rural parts of North America have made things incredibly complicated for employers. When labor shortages challenge the productivity of business owners in the manufacturing, natural resource, and construction industries, temporary workers can step in to address your needs for the short term and help you plan for the future.

When labor shortages, absenteeism, or simply a lack of skilled labor threatens the productivity of your business, AFIMAC contingent labor sourcing brings talent directly to your job site. Tap into a talent pool that looks beyond your vicinity and ensure that your business can maintain operations regardless of the complications occurring in your local talent pool.

Contingent Labor Services: Rural Labor Shortages

As many industries compete with one another to recruit skilled talent, many rural cities across North America are faced with the fact that those who leave the workforce are likely not coming back. Many major employers located in large cities have been able to attract talent, but the same can’t be said for other industries in rural parts of Canada and the United States. Local employment agencies are recruiting from the same talent pool that employers are tapping into, creating a competitive job market that isn’t benefiting employers.  

Between early retirement and those moving on to different trades entirely, many sectors that lean on skilled labor pre-pandemic simply don’t have the human resources to fill available roles. Should these shortages persist, they can pose serious threats to your business continuity, challenging the viability of your business for the long term.

Temporary labor is likely the only option for employers who have already tapped local temp agencies.

The Changing Nature of Work

Contingent laborers illustrated by an office building.

In a post-pandemic world, many people are looking for more flexible options when it comes to their work. Traditional nine-to-five roles don’t have the same appeal as they once did, and many skilled workers continue to shop around for different opportunities that fit their needs. 

Skilled laborers, in particular, are aware of the buyer’s market for employment opportunities and will shop around for the perfect position. Many workers continue to seek flexible options, including temporary assignments that speak to their own needs for child and eldercare. AFIMAC has watched these growing trends among workforces, creating a database of workers that can be utilized in short bursts, balancing the needs of employers and workers. AFIMAC workers remain committed to their craft while seeking opportunities in the form of contract work or extended overtime opportunities. Many workforces from AFIMAC can also provide skilled labor and trades, supplementing manufacturing, oil, gas, and construction needs in rural parts of North America.

Sourcing Talent From Beyond Your Location

One of the only solutions to address these complicated labor issues is to look far beyond your immediate location in an attempt to fill roles. AFIMAC has painstakingly developed a database of skilled workers that can be called upon when labor issues persist. Many of these contingent workers are focused on completing as much work as possible during their assignment, ready and willing to provide a reprieve from ongoing staff shortages.

When an employer utilizes AFIMAC’s contingent workforces, our business takes on all the logistical challenges, including travel and accommodations. Further, we

can work alongside your business to not only offer solutions to persisting labor complications but also assist you with your recruiting efforts. Many AFIMAC contingent labor solutions are incredibly flexible, helping you address the uncertainty facing your business and extracting the most amount of work from your contingent workforce.

Contingent Labor Services Provided by AFIMAC Global

Work alongside AFIMAC to address your labor complications, including shortages tied to absenteeism, COVID-related sickness, surges in seasonal demand, or labor strikes. With AFIMAC, employers can tap into endless human resources to fit a number of needs, helping you manage labor turmoil in all its forms. Connect with AFIMAC and enlist a temporary workforce for the manufacturing, production, logistics, and warehouse sectors. Plan for disruptions with exceptional business continuity planning.

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