Plan for and execute business continuity response strategies for plant closures, labor disputes, mass layoffs, or downsizing.

AFIMAC prides itself on its range of specialty support and management services for any client on short notice. Based on 30 years of experience handling all types of short and long-term critical assignments, AFIMAC can rapidly provide a single-source solution.

AFIMAC has assisted over 5,000 clients and provided over 6 million hours of service to organizations facing labor disputes or natural disasters.

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AFIMAC’s extensive experience translates into reduced liability with the capacity to deliver unparalleled service beyond any competitor in the industry.

Medical Support

Leverage mobile clinics and supplies to address the needs of any emergency.

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Logistical Support

Find solutions to logistical challenges during ongoing labor disputes.

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Picket Line Security

Ensure the safety of your executive team and pickets alike with AFIMAC security services.

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Supplemental Labor

Maintain operations and protect your bottom line during a strike.

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