Guests view a large video at a corporate event that calls for security for trade shows.

Event Security for Trade Shows
That Attract Activists

Security for Trade Shows That Attract Political Activists

August 21, 2023

Security For Trade Shows in The Natural Gas Industry

Event security for trade shows recently showed its importance after a recent viral video made its rounds on Twitter. A trade show and gala featuring some of the most prominent executives in the gasoline and natural resource sector was infiltrated by activists with the goal of disrupting the event. Event security services and security companies play an important role for corporations in the natural gas and resource industries.

This video highlights the ongoing need for so much more than just traditional security services for trade shows.

AFIMAC continues to work alongside the corporations that attract negative attention from activists, offering services to the food, dairy, and natural gas sectors to prevent such occurrences in the video above. Lock down your trade show event, award show, or gala by enlisting event security specialists from AFIMAC.

Security For Trade Shows

Physical security presences may not be enough to deter the efforts of a very motivated activist. All it takes is one individual to sneak through security and act out during a trade show or event to leave a negative impression on all those who attended. Access control and physical security guards are effective, but there are other tools available to the hosts of such events.

AFIMAC leverages social listening tools to predict and prepare for activism, paying close attention to groups that target events. This includes organized protests and individual efforts such as disruptions of a trade show event for activist reasons. By tapping into the conversations of activists, AFIMAC can inform an organization or host of a trade show of the present risks, provide resources, and help you plan for these disruptions before they occur.

Event Security for the Gasoline Industry

The senior leaders of the gasoline and natural gas sectors are no strangers to activism. The needs of these sectors are extensive, as activists have become more brazen in their efforts, with both in-person and digital threats against executives and businesses. Although traditional work sites remain vulnerable, many activists have become well aware of the movements of key executives, carefully planning to disrupt events. Many corporations should be looking to push back on these challenges with restricted access to information, protective drivers, and access control systems that ensure senior leaders are left to focus only on work rather than potential issues of activism.

When a company sends its executive team to a trade show event, the corporation remains responsible for the safety of its staff. Should an activist look to cause harm to certain leaders, the employer will ultimately face liability. Duty of care in the gasoline sector remains a complex hurdle not just at the office and job site but also at the events your staff attends.

A busy trade show floor carefully watched over with security for trade shows provided by AFIMAC Global.

Event Security Solutions Available from AFIMAC

Remain one step ahead of the activists who look to embarrass senior executives within the gasoline and natural gas industries. Social listening, protective drivers, and access control systems help keep attendees safe, lock down trade show events, and prevent intruders from ever gaining access.

AFIMAC offers a suite of services for executives looking for safe and discreet solutions for activists who pose very real security risks. By pairing social listening, physical security, and protective drivers, employers can successfully mitigate risk and prevent trespassers from disrupting the events that they attend.

Contact us directly to learn more about available solutions, or fill out the form below and begin to explore your options.

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