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Residential security services illustrated by a condo building in Florida.

Residential Security Services: Risk Management For Property Managers & Condo Corporations

Residential security services from AFIMAC Global can help property managers plan for and address risk in all its forms. Property management companies can expose themselves to complex liability concerns without any plans in place to manage security risks before they happen. 

Failing to take steps to prevent hazards or other risks can be incredibly complex, with the finer points of the law differing between states or provinces. While property managers are typically responsible for things like cleaning icy paths and general repairs in shared areas, some of the more uncommon risks still call for extensive planning. 

Residential security services shown via an AFIMAC security guard monitoring cameras.

Intelligence, Security, and Threat Monitoring As Part of AFIMAC Residential Security Services

While many security companies can provide traditional security guards and plant them within your apartment or condo space, effective risk mitigation actually calls for so much more. Partnership with AFIMAC often begins in the planning stages, calling upon our staff to conduct risk assessments of your buildings or properties, while drafting plans to support your organization when the time calls for it. While traditional security guards play an important role in building and residential security, its your preemptive efforts that can pay dividends in the long term.

AFIMAC can provide a number of preemptive risk mitigation strategies that can help property managers plan for a response to the unexpected. Tap into private investigation and intelligence tools that can monitor threats and spot risks before they happen. With the right information in hand, condo corporations pivot security resources and brace for something like a political demonstration, terrorist threat, or an active shooter scenario. Further, consider scanning the digital and social media landscape for threats against your property. Many times, key clues can be found on publicly available social platforms that can help property managers brace for any kind of risk. Have the right information in hand and take reasonable steps to keep your property and occupants safe during times of crisis.

Call Upon Additional Resources As Needed

When the time is right, a condo corporation can call upon additional security resources for any occasion, including a number of support assets provided by AFIMAC. Consider the benefits of having emergency power generation options, security to help direct traffic during a crisis, or private investigators who can document damage after a heated political march. Tap into mobile assets and equipment intended to support your properties and keep all of your patrons safe.

Simple risk management planning alongside AFIMAC even demonstrates a property manager’s dedication to providing a safe living space. Such planning can help a building owner avoid liability issues, pointing to the extended risk mitigation planning that has taken place.

Have plans and resources in place for any kind of security risk facing your condo or apartment complex. Capable of serving all of North America, AFIMAC is your partner in ongoing risk management. 

Disaster Response and Private Investigation

While natural disasters are often considered unlikely, they do happen. Having no disaster response plan in place can expose an entire condo corporation to claims of negligence, leaving you as a liability party. Lean on AFIMAC to develop emergency response plans for any kind of natural disaster including earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and so much more.

AFIMAC can also dispatch investigators to your property to document damages for insurance purposes. Such fair and unbiased information gathering can give condo corporations the right information to properly file claims, and even provide staffing services to assist in your recovery. AFIMAC continues to develop and retain one of the most robust temporary labor services in North America.

Protect Both People and Property With AFIMAC

AFIMAC has specialized in general risk mitigation for decades with a number of techniques and planning efforts that many North American property managers can benefit from. We continue to partner alongside many major North American employers for their duty of care needs including everything from emergency preparedness planning, private investigation services, and security services. Such services are perfect for condo corporations and property managers with multiple buildings. AFIMAC can even secure retail properties for well-known brands and chains across North America

We proudly serve the entirety of North America with full-service risk mitigation offerings. Have plans in place for the unthinkable, including natural disasters, active shooter scenarios, and power outages. 

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