Self-Contained Trailers to Address Any Emergency

AFIMAC prides itself on the wide range of specialty support services available that include emergency response equipment. AFIMAC’s services can be supplied on short notice to any corporation or government organization facing a natural disaster or emergency.

AFIMAC has built and equipped trailers specifically to provide logistical support during emergencies. As a result, they can be deployed rapidly, are entirely self-contained, and can be set up anywhere in North America.

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Supplying Rapid Emergency Response Equipment

Based on 30 years of experience handling all types of short and long-term critical assignments, AFIMAC can rapidly provide a single-source solution to any client request offering anything from generators to power base camps to mobile kitchens and dormitory trailers.

AFIMAC kitchen trailers include chefs capable of feeding fleets of employees, allowing staff to focus on the job at hand rather than when their next meal will be. AFIMAC’s food service personnel have fed thousands at a time in varied situations. Through the years, AFIMAC has served more than 1.4 million meals, which can be customized to appeal to both cultural and regional tastes.

Further, AFIMAC can offer self-contained dormitories, showers, and bathrooms to keep staff clean and rested during an emergency. AFIMAC can provide support services through its extensive fleet of specialty trailers directly to companies working in permanent, temporary, or remote locations or challenging terrain.
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