Ensure Your Company Maintains Operations with Mobile Food Support Services

In the unfortunate event, a natural disaster impacts an organization, AFIMAC is uniquely positioned to address food service needs to limit any disruption to your business. In the aftermath, many employees must continue to work in a compromised environment. AFIMAC can supply support services by providing a large fleet of specialty trailers tailored to ensuring an entire workforce is provided with a quality meal service. AFIMAC has built and equipped trailers specifically to provide logistical support during such emergencies, capable of the production of large-scale food services. As a result, these mobile units can be deployed rapidly and are completely self-contained. AFIMAC food service trailers and support personnel are designed and trained for these scenarios and can be set up anywhere around the world.

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Mobile Kitchen Services Can Help Ensure Staff Are Well Fed During a Disaster

Mobile kitchen trailers are equipped to produce over 2000 meals per day and include food service personnel who create culinary feasts that are always fresh, appetizing, and highly nutritious. Through the years, AFIMAC has served over 1.4 million meals, which can be customized to appeal to regional culinary preferences.

AFIMAC is proud to offer base camp services, including dormitory trailers, mobile shower trailers, restroom facilities, and mobile laundry trailers, to ensure that employees and relief workers can stay clean and comfortable. Just one AFIMAC mobile shower trailer can service 500 people in a clean, sanitary environment, with the privacy clients need and expect.
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