Film Set Security: Exploring
Your Options

Film Set Security: Exploring Your Options

June 26, 2023

Film Set Security Available Across North America 

Film set security can ensure the safety of your entire crew and protect the many assets used during film production. A busy film set often draws the attention of general onlookers that, for the most part, act appropriately, but for some may create temptations for crimes of opportunity. Sometimes a film set can draw negative attention from the public, put your staff at risk, and even delay your production efforts. Movie set security can control the flow of people entering your job site, ensure the safety of your crew, and protect valuable equipment.

A physical security presence is just the beginning for especially elaborate sets and studios. Working in public places with large amounts of equipment and trailers requires extensive planning, surveillance, and even threat monitoring that can successfully deter risk and ensure the safety of everyone involved. Lean on the leaders in discrete and comprehensive security offerings from a company such as AFIMAC to spot issues, help you plan, and enlist extensive security resources to keep your employees safe.

Film Set Security and Crowd Control

There is always the possibility that a crowd will form when your film involves a well-known actor or celebrity. Despite your best efforts to remain discreet, when word gets out to the public that a movie star is in town, there is likely to be a sudden surge of attention. 

Large gatherings of people, which include enthusiastic fans and paparazzi, create an unpredictable scenario that often calls for additional security resources. When crowds form, the safety risks increase, along with the possibility of theft, vandalism, and general misbehavior. Assessing these risks and adequately preparing for them requires much more than a physical security presence. Often, a third-party security company can identify threats before they cause issues, effectively mitigating risk and protecting the people working on your set and the equipment you use. Without such risk mitigation strategies, crowds can overwhelm your film set and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Film Set Security and Protective Drivers 

In many cases, a well-known actor or actress is likely to require personal security services similar to a prominent executive. Protective drivers and executive protection agents can ensure the safe movements of famous VIPs, transport them to and from the film set, and ensure they can work without negative attention. 

Protective agents from AFIMAC work directly alongside their VIPs, accompanying them every step of their journey. Oftentimes these protective agents are highly familiar with the location, can quickly pivot travel plans instantly, and work alongside local enforcement to maintain the highest levels of safety. 

Film Set Security, Secure Drivers, and Protective Agents

AFIMAC supplements executive protection services with a number of threat monitoring and social listening tools that can help predict risks before they evolve into something more complex. Many clues on social media can help predict when large crowds will form, along with any threats against specific people. Actors and film professionals often receive threats against their safety online, and AFIMAC can notify employers of these risks while dispatching additional resources to your location. 

Should there be concerns about a stalker targeting a specific actor or actress, AFIMAC can actively monitor social platforms and assess whether there are any additional risks to consider. By collecting intelligence and monitoring the movements of potential threats, AFIMAC can help your film production manage these challenges.  

Set Security Offerings by AFIMAC

AFIMAC works alongside film and television producers across Canada and the United States to ensure the safety of people and property. The film industry is in a unique situation, vulnerable to theft and vandalism while drawing unwanted attention from the public. Conducting business in public or at film studios comes with extensive security risks, which, if left unchecked, could lead to complex liability issues and harm to those that work for your production company.

Explore full-service solutions to your security needs and actively work to address risk. Fill out the contact form below to learn more about our offerings and ensure your next film set is free from danger and focused on productivity.

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