An executive traveler stays well informed of the risk landscape by partnering with AFIMAC Global. Risk profiles for corporate travel help employers plan for risk and provide exceptional duty of care.

Risk Profiles for Corporate
Travel: Why Information is So

Risk Profiles for Corporate Travel: Why Information is So Important

September 29, 2023

Risk Profiles for Corporate Travel: Duty of Care Simplified

Risk profiles for corporate travel detail the many challenges that might present themselves to traveling workforces. Travel risk management in a post-COVID world takes a close look at the possible issues that may arise, helping businesses protect their staff wherever in the world they may be. Travel management companies such as AFIMAC continue to work with businesses that require their employees to visit job sites in places like Brazil, Mexico, and South America, helping manage risk and prevent corporate travel risks well before they occur.

Lean on AFIMAC to gather intelligence that works in a corporation’s favor, helping to fulfill duty of care obligations and provide a safe workplace for your staff wherever they might be. Many manufacturing industries continue to take their business across international borders, leaving a number of risks to be addressed. AFIMAC can conduct full risk assessments, identify problems before they occur, and help you manage them with several solutions that are far more effective than any sort of corporate travel insurance.

Risk Profiles for Corporate Travel illustrated by an executive waiting to be picked up at an airport in south america.

Why Conduct Risk Assessments For Business Travel?

Many employers are simply not aware of the risks that come with sending staff to foreign job sites. When risk assessments are done internally, they lack intimate knowledge of the destination, such as local customs or the area’s political landscape. Corporate travelers may stick out and get targeted for kidnapping attempts or attract negative and unwanted attention for simply being a woman. On other occasions, religious beliefs, gender identity, and sexual orientation may not be as welcomed in certain parts of the world, which should be carefully weighed before sending staff on a business trip.

When these risks are left unaddressed, should something unfortunate occur to your employees, the liability falls entirely on the employer. Employers have a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe space for work, no matter where the job site may be. Violent assaults, kidnapping attempts, and travel mishaps can be costly for an employer to address, all while causing significant harm to the company’s brand.

Risk Profiles for Corporate Travel: Preemptive Risk Mitigation

Preemptive risk assessments conducted by a travel management company like AFIMAC offer intimate details on the destination to help mitigate travel risks and keep your staff safe during business travel. By developing long-standing relationships with local authorities and protective drivers, AFIMAC can provide resources upon arrival that are highly trained and familiar with the destination. 

AFIMAC’s intelligence-gathering tools weigh the potential for incidents that could occur during your workforce’s trip, including political demonstrations, challenges associated with organized crime, and even the risks of natural disasters. Many countries, such as Mexico, have a reputation for being welcoming to corporate travelers but may pose serious risks if your workers are required to travel beyond traditional vacation destinations.  

Risk profiles from AFIMAC can pinpoint threats against your staff and help you properly plan for and address such risks. Careful consultation from AFIMAC includes recommendations for policies, security resources such as monitoring, protective drivers, and response services that can step in should the situation call for it.

Corporate Travel Security Solutions Offered by AFIMAC Global

Information is as important as ever in a highly unpredictable world. Travel risks are constantly changing, and the COVID-19 pandemic proved that anything could happen during business travel. AFIMAC embraces a 360-degree approach to corporate travel risk mitigation, offering a temperature reading of the many challenges that come with business travel. As an employer, simple travel insurance is never enough when it comes to proper risk mitigation. Weigh the likelihood of something unfortunate happening to your traveling staff, prepare, and show them that you take their safety seriously wherever in the world they might be.

Contact us today to explore not only risk assessments but resources that speak directly to the needs of employers who conduct business in South America, Mexico, and Brazil. We maintain global resources, including security personnel and protective drivers, that can ensure the safety of your staff and allow them to focus on work rather than unpredictable travel mishaps. Leave the complicated matters of travel management and risk mitigation to the global specialists at AFIMAC.

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