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What Types of Threats and Risks
Call for Executive Protection?

Executive Protection Solutions from AFIMAC

September 11, 2023

Executive Protection Solutions from AFIMAC

Executive protection services can work to mitigate and address many of the risks of working as a senior executive for a major North American brand. Executives are subject to the wrath of the general public, both online and in-person, where nuisances and disturbances can grow into real security risks. 

AFIMAC remains readily available to help employers fulfill their duty of care obligations and offer full-service solutions to threats. 

The sun rises at an international airport where AFIMAC executive protection agents await an executive's arrival.

Executive Protection: What Threats Are Executives Likely to Face in 2023?  

Read on to learn more about the most common threats and risks executives are likely to face when managing a large corporate entity or workforce.

Executive Protection For Online Harassment and Defamation of Character

Executives are often subject to digital harassment through social media and quickly learn that one wrong Tweet or LinkedIn post can solicit angry comments, which can spiral into a heated debate about an individual’s character. Many of these comments, whether they are true or not, can gain hundreds of impressions, be seen by coworkers, and harm your professional reputation.

In some circumstances, executives may also experience ongoing and repeated threats against their safety which are hidden behind anonymous social media accounts. Uncovering the source of such security threats is especially difficult and often requires the services of a private investigation company. When harassment and threats of harm are left unaddressed, it could quickly grow into a security risk for you, your workplace, your home, and your family.

Security For Stalking Threats Against Executives

There are many industries that attract negative attention. Political activists often take aim at the leadership of large companies in the food, meat, and dairy industry, attempting to cause a disturbance either at the workplace or in a well-known public place. 

Some activists may pay close attention to the movements of specific executives who are required to travel for work, preparing to meet them at an airport or train station with a planned political demonstration. In other cases, activists may target trade show events or shareholder meetings, cause disruptions to your travel arrangements, or even attempt to embarrass specific individuals by cutting off conferences or interrupting a planned speech.

 Kidnap and Extortion Attempts

High-net-worth individuals and executives pay the price for the wealth they maintain, and certain corporate travel arrangements may pose a risk of kidnapping. Executives who must travel to South America or Mexico for work stick out from the rest of the public, attracting unwanted attention from organized criminals. 

Some bad actors look at the visit of a North American executive as an opportunity to kidnap and extort them for money, either holding them for ransom or forcing an executive to visit an ATM to withdraw cash. These experiences can be terrifying for the executive and their family but can be avoided with the correct risk assessments and planning. 

Executive Protection For Home Invasion Concerns

In difficult circumstances, the risk of home invasion against an executive can become more problematic, especially during a union strike or mass layoff. Disgruntled workers often take out their frustrations online or against the workplace but could also target an executive’s home. Many senior leaders are encouraged to prepare for a home invasion should they be expecting a difficult labor strike or are faced with terminating their workforce. 

Executive Protection Services from AFIMAC

Never underestimate the lengths a bad actor, political activist, or organized criminal will go to fulfill their cause. Plan for and address executive risks before they happen, and ensure your work is never interrupted by those who are looking to harm you, your reputation, or your family. Learn more about our suite of security services tailored specifically to executives working in North America. 

Our full-service offerings speak to every threat facing senior leaders, with a number of services that can investigate threats, ensure your safety, and hold bad actors responsible for their actions.

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