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Business Continuity Management Services and Planning Services For Work Stoppages

Business continuity management services are the only way for many employers to address looming labor strikes or the risk of a work stoppage. Union strikes can bring your business’ productivity to a screeching halt, with following negotiations dictating your bottom line for years to come. Failure to plan for the catastrophic impacts of a worker strike can leave employers scrambling to source temporary workers, address security risks, and strike reasonable and fair deals for all parties involved.

Many industries are experiencing labor strikes for the very first time, creating incredible uncertainty for both workforces and employers heading into the new year. Employers should be planning now for worker strikes, even if strike action is three to six months away. Now is the time to begin the process of partnering with the business continuity specialists at AFIMAC Global. Well-researched and carefully thought-out strike response plans that are backed by contingent workforce resources can help steady the ship during these difficult times. AFIMAC remains ready to offer full-service solutions to employers that can help bring strikes to an end and help all parties get back to business.

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Business Continuity Management Services: Ongoing Strikes in North America

As the instances of worker strikes in North America reach historic levels, the state of labor turmoil continues to trend in a troubling direction. Labor strikes are continuing throughout the nation, with both large-scale unionized workforces in the tens of thousands, along with smaller workforces of just several hundred employees. These are the ongoing occurring in North America.

  • Auto worker strikes across North America including between the “big three” automakers.
  • Hotel worker strikes across the hospitality sector along America’s west coast, including popular tourist destinations such as Los Angeles.
  • Entertainment and writer strikes across the media production industry.
  • Natural gas strikes in Australia are a likely cause for concern across the petroleum and refinement sectors in North America.
  • Ongoing teacher and education worker strikes, mostly notably in Nevada, are likely to cause a cascading impact throughout other schools in America.
  • City worker strikes in the state of North Carolina and in the city of Durham. Many municipal governments should be bracing for their workforces to demand more pay and benefits in the near term.
  • Airport worker strikes in Ontario, California may inspire other unionized workforces in the transportation industry to picket their employer for better wages.
  • Cannabis worker strikes in Columbia Missouri pose unique problems for this growing industry.
  • Healthcare worker strikes in small rural towns across both Canada and the United States continue. Large-scale employers in healthcare should begin planning now to respond to strike action
  • Looming grocery store worker strikes in Canada are set to inspire other workers to follow suit, potentially prompting strikes in the United States as well.

Business Continuity Services Offered by AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC can help employers hold off the many risks of strikes impacting their business, implementing continuity planning with fleets of contingent workforces for a number of industries with varying skill sets. Not only will your business require temporary laborers, but labor strikes and picket lines are multi-layered and complex challenges including security concerns and threats against key executives.

Experience one of North America’s full-service providers of business continuity services that address every detail of a work stoppage. Offerings include labor, security, planning, and private investigation for industry-leading risk management.

Planning for upcoming strikes buys precious hours during these challenging times, helping employers mitigate disruptions and let executive leadership get back to the bargaining table. AIMAC is keenly aware of the needs of employers facing strike action, offering human resources that can pave the way to resolving labor turmoil as quickly as possible. Explore contingent workforces, picket line security, and evidence gathering; partner with AFIMAC for union negotiation tactics that help you strike fair deals for all parties.

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