Civil Disturbance Preparedness

Civil Disturbance Preparedness shown via raised fists during a political march.

Civil Disturbance Preparedness: Is Social Media Fueling Unrest?

Civil disturbance preparedness was brought to the attention of many businesses in downtown Manhattan after a recent riot in the Summer of 2023. A well-known social media personality promised to giveaway high-priced video game consoles in New York City’s Union Square, successfully inciting a civil disturbance and causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage to both private and public property.

The incident itself saw thousands of young people sprinting through busy streets lined with cars, scaling structures, causing property damage, and even clashing with riot police. The entire event resulted in over 60 arrests, many of which were underage. More importantly, the incident highlights just how spontaneous public riots like this can be, and how this could happen to other busy cities across North America. Consider whether your business or city has planned for unexpected events like these, with effective civil unrest preparedness strategies.

All it took was for one popular streamer to promise gifts to his fans in order for a riot to break loose in New York. Social media comes with many pros and cons, but in this world, one “live streamer” can put entire New York City blocks at risk. This places many employers in a difficult predicament, especially the many banking, tech, retail locations, and financial institutions that experienced some unwanted consequences from the most recent riot. 

Property damage is one concern, but employers could be held responsible if a similar incident impacted the well-being of one of their own employees. Employers have a moral and legal obligation to protect their workforce from reasonable harm, planning for all elements of risk including spontaneous riots. Should a serious injury occur to a member of the workforce and an employer fails to take strides to properly protect them, the employer is likely to face extensive legal and financial consequences in the long term.

Considerations For Governments Across North America

Governments across North America should be examining the recent NYC riot as a case study, considering what the consequences might be if something similar were to occur. A personal injury on public property opens the door for just about anyone to claim negligence on a local government’s part, and many governmental entities will need to plan for and manage the risk of riots or looting. 

Consider what structures and public installations are vulnerable to vandalism during a riot, while planning for the risk of flooding, natural disaster, or widespread power outages. Effective risk mitigation often considers the unthinkable, even if it is highly unlikely. When entire cities are in need, qualified third parties such as AFIMAC Global can step in to assist with not just risk planning, but also personnel and mobile assets that can to aid in recovery efforts.  

Civil disturbance preparedness remains as important as ever after a spontaneous riot in New York City’s downtown core. Just one live streamer can spark large-scale riots and looting, revealing just how easy it is for riots to unravel in a matter of hours.

Disturbance Preparedness Alongside AFIMAC Global

The extensive military and law enforcement backbone that AFIMAC Global maintains specializes in risk management, capable of helping public and private entities prepare for the worst-case scenario. Civil disturbances, looting, and vandalism are far more unpredictable than ever before, and business owners and political leaders are the ones responsible for addressing them.

Civil Disturbance Preparedness For Employers in North America

Consider and plan for every possible risk against your business or government entity alongside AFIMAC, with risk assessments that look well beyond the obvious. When businesses or governments plan for risk internally, they often overlook elements of risk that are obvious to the professionals at AFIMAC. Utilizing a third party is the most effective way of properly planning for risks including civil unrest, riots, looting, or other unexpected disturbances.

AFIMAC also provides a number of social listening tools and investigation techniques intended for use by public and private entities, capable of tapping into social chatter and identifying risk before it ever occurs. Such tools can notify an employer of any present danger, helping them act quickly and prevent personal injuries attributed to riots and looting. Stay one step ahead of risk and fulfill your duty of care obligations today. 

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