Corporate Security Solutions for Domestic and International Travel

AFIMAC’s close and executive protection specialists are prepared to safely escort and transport a client's executive personnel throughout North America and around the world. Their professional management team can quickly provide clients with the appropriate level of security coverage for both short site visits and prolonged domestic or international travel.

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Time-Tested Security Methodologies That Ensure Corporate Security

AFIMAC executive protection specialists will gather intelligence and prepare a target vulnerability assessment well in advance of the travel date. They will also conduct site-specific security advance visits, coordinate secure ground and air transportation, and develop immediate reaction protocols and emergency response contingencies. AFIMAC close security protection specialists are highly trained in their field and remain alert to engage in proactive counter-surveillance operations. These specialists regularly leverage technology to improve the services they provide.

AFIMAC can provide protective escorts from point-to-point or continuously throughout the day, either physically, or, during times of lower threat levels. Both male and female close protection specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in either an unarmed or armed capacity.
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