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Healthcare Strikes and What American Employers Need to Know

November 14, 2023

Healthcare Strikes and Staffing Solutions from AFIMAC Global

Healthcare strikes in the United States have the potential to compromise the health and well-being of many Americans and require staffing solutions. Employers in the healthcare industry are faced with difficult decisions regarding their workforce, managing union demands, and risk compromising the quality of care they can provide to their patients. 

Healthcare Strikes illustrated by a patient being pushed down a hall in a hospital bed.

AFIMAC can help any employer in the healthcare sector address the complexities of union strikes with business continuity planning and picket line security, along with a database of workers who can step in to support any healthcare facility. Begin planning for a labor strike and leverage the human resources you need during these challenging times.

Healthcare Strikes: The Facts Available to Employers

Nurses are currently in a difficult situation as they experience challenges tied to burnout, work-related demands, and a high-stress workplace. The profession itself is incredibly straining, and with rising costs of living, many workforces have no choice but to either leave the industry entirely or demand more from their employer. Healthcare workers are also seeking better deals regarding paid time off and benefits. 

The World Health Organization reported in late 2022 that nurses experience some of the highest rates of workplace violence across any industry, with close to half of all nurses reporting that they have experienced violence in some form. Many healthcare professionals are calling on employers to rethink the workplace and offer solutions for the abuse workers are facing.

Many nurses have already concluded that their private healthcare employer isn’t willing to address their demands, forcing them to explore work alternatives. 

Healthcare Strikes Consequences in America

Employers risk placing incredible strain on remaining workers during a nursing strike along with declining levels of care. Healthcare strikes could put patients’ health at risk and should be addressed before they cause long-term damage to the public.

Further, labor strikes create risks for those crossing the picket line during a healthcare strike. Picket lines often attract the attention of the general public, where everyday citizens may be tempted to join in to show support. Picketers may clash with other members of the public and create a liability nightmare for the employer should someone become injured during a strike. It is always in the employer’s best interest to plan for these complications with strike security resources that can protect everyone involved and hold striking workers accountable for their actions.

Healthcare Strikes and Executive Protection

Employers that have never experienced a labor strike before are likely to face several unique security risks. Threats against your safety, workplace vandalism, and even threats impacting an executive’s home. Further, the possibility of a home invasion isn’t out of the question during an extended strike, as members of the public and disgruntled workers may look to intimidate senior leaders into ending the strike. At heightened threat levels, senior leaders may need to call upon the services of around-the-clock executive protection agents that can ensure the safety of themselves and their families.

Healthcare Strike Services from AFIMAC Global

American employers in the healthcare industry have no choice but to navigate these labor challenges head-on. Consider developing new long-term collective bargaining agreements with their unionized workforces. Healthcare strikes continue to be a certainty in the United States, and employers will need to revise their offerings to maintain the viability of their business. In the short term, there are several solutions available including union negotiation services, strike security, picket line securitycontingent labor, and executive protection agents that can manage some of the unfortunate consequences of a strike in a healthcare setting. 

Consider the importance of business continuity services from AFIMAC Global. Click now to learn more.

AFIMAC Global remains incredibly experienced in the art of union negotiation, with many specialized services and legal resources that can help your healthcare facility come to a favorable deal that works for both parties. Furthermore, AFIMAC addresses every element of a strike, including pre-strike planning, contingent workforces, and ongoing support in the form of security resources that can help an employer bring an end to a strike as quickly as possible.

Employers are encouraged to contact AFIMAC as soon as possible should they expect a strike among their workforce. 

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