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Event Security with High-Profile
Attendees: Dos and Don’ts

Event Security with High-Profile Attendees: Dos and Don’ts

September 5, 2023

Event Security for Corporations and Trade Show Hosts

Event security is an integral factor in successfully mitigating risk when corporations either host events or are attending as a guest. High-profile events, including trade shows, galas, and award ceremonies, have a tendency to attract attention from the general public that can sometimes include acts of political activism. The corporate entities that host events in the natural resource and gasoline sectors often require comprehensive event security services to address these risks and ensure that uninvited guests never take away from the event itself. Event security companies are not all the same; choosing the wrong services or security for private events could create several issues.

Security for private events can ensure your next trade show or gala is remembered for your coworkers and fellow executives’ hard work rather than a political demonstration.

Event security is called upon for a trade show in Mississauga.

The Top Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Event Security 

Embrace corporate event security best practices before your next event, consider some of the most important do’s and don’ts of corporate event security, and prepare for anything.

Provide Time for Your Security Teams to Understand the Venue

Third-party security details do not simply show up an hour before the event or trade show; in fact, they need time to familiarize themselves with the venue. Proper access control and risk mitigation take several days of planning that should never be overlooked. Allow a security company to research the venue, set up checkpoints, and identify risks several days before the event.

Do Not Leave Security to the Venue

Many conference halls and venues maintain their own security teams but are likely to have the venue and owner’s best interest in mind before anything else. Venue security is likely not familiar with pre-meditated protests and political activism risks and may be caught off guard by a guest looking to interrupt the event.

Corporate events that include prominent executives need so much more than base venue security, but instead several risk mitigation strategies and a number of specialized close protection agents that protect guests and ensure the event goes on without any complication.

Consider Screening Event Staff

A motivated political activist looking to crash a meat or dairy conference may apply to work at the venue before the actual event. Consider conducting some light screening of those working at the event to identify the individuals with a history of political activism or criminal activity. Many venues overlook this small detail, and corporate entities should hire a company that will screen every attendee, including servers and kitchen staff.

Do not Overlook Secure Transportation

Connect directly with your guests and ensure they visit your conference with qualified drivers who can manage the risks of political protests or picket lines. Flash protests can arrive at your event in a matter of minutes, putting your guests in harm’s way. Instead, enlist local protective drivers who are highly familiar with the area, can pivot travel arrangements at a moment’s notice, and ensure that guests can get to and from the venue without any interference.

Assume Everything Will Not Go as Planned

Expect complications and plan for risks before they occur. The liability issues of hosting an event are extensive, especially if a guest, staff member, or even political activist becomes injured. Medical emergencies during conferences do occur and should be carefully planned for. In other cases, some political activists may scale the side of a building to gain entry or plant some sort of message related to their cause. Hosts can be liable for such injuries, even if an activist gained access to your event through trespassing.

Leave no detail overlooked and ensure that safety is the absolute top priority while considering the possibility of flash protests, visits from political activists, or those attempting to disrupt your event. 

Do Not Overlook Less Traditional Risk Mitigation Strategies

As a security company, AFIMAC offers so much more than event security, including several tools that can predict events of political activism. AFIMAC can identify threats against your corporate event and tap into online conversations. These online social listening tools often reveal important details of upcoming political actions, allowing you to adjust your security teams accordingly.

Event Security Solutions from AFIMAC

Corporate event security from AFIMAC offers full-service solutions to some of the most high-profile corporate events, trade shows, and galas across North America. Explore a number of offerings, including protective drivers, physical security presences, risk mitigation strategies, and social listening tools. Work to manage the possibility and risks of political activism taking center stage at your next event and protect your attendees from challenges associated with unwanted guests.

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