Worker Tracking Services

Worker tracking services shown via a group of office workers.

Worker Tracking Services For The Sake of Risk Management

Worker tracking services provided by an intelligence agency can work to the bottom of employer concerns regarding their workforce. Should a member of your staff misbehave on or off the job site, or you are concerned about the potential for workplace violence, social listening services can uncover great deals of information about your employees. Social media monitoring taps into thousands of publicly available social posts, identifying bits of information that are most relevant to employers.

Worker tracking services shown via two factory workers.

Listen in on honest conversations among staff, spot those who have problematic interests, and reveal details about off-the-job behaviors that could harm the reputation of your organization. Such information can help employers prevent workforce violence before it happens, or gather information that can support business decisions such as layoffs or employee terminations. Partner with AFIMAC Global and pursue intelligence gathering services that are highly compliant with privacy laws while remaining incredibly discreet. 

Worker Tracking Services, Social Listening, and Monitoring Sentiment

When an employee utilizes social listening and intelligence gathering services for the first time, they often see brutally honest feedback about how their staff truly feel about their working arrangements. Regular everyday people turn to social media to vent their frustrations on all sorts of issues, and workforces are no different. Social groups that are dedicated to communication between staff often reveal details that would never turn up in an exit interview or HR survey.

Perhaps there is workplace conflict that is flying under the radar of managers, or there are safety concerns that are simply being left unattended. Now, employers can gain a deeper understanding of the wants and concerns of staff before they grow into deeper issues on the job site. In other cases, social listening services from AFIMAC can identify times when a workforce is planning to unionize or picket their employer. Taking a temperature read of your workforce’s sentiment and staying ahead of labor stoppages can help employers plan appropriately,

Employee Threats and Workplace Violence 

Monitoring staff who have had a history of misbehavior on the job site could reveal information that would support an employee’s termination. When one staff member threatens another, simple disciplinary action is not enough to manage the risk that threats could turn into workplace violence. Employers can look beyond traditional disciplinary action by investigating the online presence of those who have indulged in threatening behavior. Uncover whether a staff member has taken to social media to voice their displeasure with their coworkers, and identify their social interests that could develop into something much worse. 

Dig Deeper into The Topic of Risk Mitigation, Workplace Violence, and Private Investigation

Perhaps a staff member is affiliated with controversial social media movements or has a fascination with weapons or violence. Such information can help support business decisions including an employer’s right to terminate a staff member they have deemed a risk to the workplace. In especially difficult situations, some staff members may post on social media about their intentions to harm others on the job site. Identify for complete certainty whether or not a member of your staff has moved from their past misbehavior or is at risk of reoffending.   

Monitoring Off-Site Misbehaviours

When a member of your staff agrees to conduct themselves a certain way, their employment contract holds them to behavioral standards both on and off the clock. Holding staff accountable for their actions on the job site has been historically easy, but monitoring staff outside the immediate job site is no simple task. Social media, however, reveals details about your workforce’s behavior that may be a cause for concern from an employer’s perspective.

Consider gathering information with AFIMAC’s social media monitoring services to gather information and identify risks withing the workforce.

Some staff members may conduct themselves in ways that are not reflective of the organization’s values. When employers tap into social conversations, it might be revealed that even the most stellar employee is rude to others online, or openly discusses their drug and alcohol use. Such information can be provided to an employer, allowing them to make informed decisions about their staff, or pursue disciplinary actions. Social listening tools can be used to monitor individual employees that managers are suspicious of, or can be used to monitor entire workforces “en masse.”

Employee Monitoring & Private Investigation From AFIMAC Global

Worker tracking and social listening simply provide information to employers who are concerned about the behavior of their staff. When such intel is gathered by an independent third-party private investigation company such as AFIMAC Global, the results are entirely free from bias and conflicts of interest. Leave the private investigation efforts to AFIMAC and monitor your workforce as a means of providing a safe job site for all. Such services fulfill an employer’s duty of care obligations to provide a safe job site for your staff.

Take extra steps to gather information about those who pose risk, but also stay ahead of upcoming labor stoppages alongside AFIMAC Global. We specialize in providing information to employers, whether it is in the form of social listening, private investigation, or workplace investigations. Use intelligence to your advantage and support the many business decisions related to your staff. Further, working with AFIMAC allows you to address risk in all its forms, preventing workplace violence before it happens.

Connect with us directly to learn more by filling out the form below. AFIMAC knows very few boundaries and can address the needs of organizations of all shapes and sizes across North America. Speak with a representative today, contact us now.

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