An AFIMAC Global private investigator searches the dark web to see if client information has fallen into the wrong hands.

Dark Web Monitoring and
Threat Intelligence Gathering

Dark Web Monitoring and Threat Intelligence Gathering

October 23, 2023

Dark Web Monitoring Service Offerings from AFIMAC

Dark web monitoring is the latest offering from AFIMAC Global that can help any corporate or political entity plan for and mitigate risk. Complimented by the intelligence gathering and social media monitoring tools available from AFIMAC, dark web monitoring services can help clients listen closely to the chatter about their organization within the depths of the dark web. Many bad actors plan for and discuss their efforts online, often buying and selling sensitive information to the highest bidder.

Now, political entities and corporations can tap into chatter that is relevant to their organization, held both in traditional online forums and within the depths of the dark web. The intelligence-gathering tools available from AFIMAC can help to identify risks and threats, helping your organization stay one step ahead of those who want to cause you harm. Should your organization suspect that their sensitive data or personal information is being shared online, dark web monitoring services from AFIMAC can get to the bottom and help you prepare for any resulting security risks.

What Can Be Found on the Dark Web?

There is an incredible amount of information floating through the dark web and for sale to the right customer. Some people hide anonymously on the dark web looking to sell and trade private information, which can then be used for other nefarious purposes. This could include the home address of a well-known CEO or the login information of a corporation’s network. At times, personal or embarrassing information about key executives can be found online for sale, later to be used for extortion or blackmail purposes.

Dark web monitoring from AFIMAC sifts through endless information found in areas that require special tools. AFMIAC can identify if sensitive information about key executives or your organization is being shared or is available for sale. Many organizations are surprised by what is found, including passwords for email accounts, large corporate data leaks, or private data that could facilitate identity theft.

AFIMAC private investigators monitor the dark web.

Dark web monitoring for corporations and government entities.

Dark Web Monitoring and Real-Life Security Risks

When your organization’s private information is made available on the dark web, it can create complex risks that challenge your office’s IT infrastructure and spawn real-life security threats. Some organizations aren’t even aware that their information is being shared on the dark web, only discovering once monitoring services have been implemented. When home addresses, personal cell phone numbers, or corporate email addresses are found, the security risks could call for executive protection and workplace security services to ensure the safety of the entire job site.

When an organization actively monitors the dark web, it can preemptively prepare an executive and their staff of impending risks, notifying them to lock down their social media profiles, change passwords across the entire organization, and abstain from digital communication until the threat is mitigated. The precious minutes saved by preemptively monitoring the dark web for threats can help protect people and property from the bad actors that pose real risks.

Industries Vulnerable to Dark Web Threats

Many healthcare facilities are at risk of having their extensive medical records leaked on the dark web, which can be sold to the highest bidder. Further, political leaders, law enforcement officers, and well-known public-facing corporate executives are especially vulnerable to dark web risks. When sensitive information is available on the dark web, it can be weaponized against an organization, holding the information “ransom” until a large sum of money is paid. In other cases, certain information can be used to extort money from executives by revealing embarrassing and personal details to family and friends.

Dark Web Monitoring Solutions from AFIMAC

AFIMAC can pair our world-class private investigation and corporate intelligence gathering tools with dark web monitoring services to address every possible online risk. Stay in the loop of what is being discussed on the dark web and identify risks against your organization, plan for real-life security threats, and embrace a 360-degree approach to corporate risk mitigation.

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