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Executive Travel to Mexico: Travel Security For Any Business Traveler

Executive travel to Mexico is not as safe as it sounds; behind the veil of sunshine and resorts is a dark underbelly that can put North Americans at risk. Despite Mexico’s incredibly friendly reputation for being a premium vacation destination for leisure travelers across the globe, traveling to Mexico for business presents endless security risks. While tens of thousands of vacationers visit places like Cancun and Tijuana, traveling beyond these destinations as a corporate traveler is a recipe for disaster.

Employers who call upon their staff to conduct business in Mexico must take a close examination of the travel risks well before departure. With the right information and security services, employers can fulfill their duty of care obligations beyond the traditional job site, and into the potentially danger destinations of Mexico. Even those who consider themselves especially “street smart” are likely unable to deter complex security risks while traveling in Mexico.

The truth is that travel to Mexico for business is incredibly dangerous, even for the most “street-smart” North American. Learn about the truth behind the friendly viel of Mexico and as an employer, plan for the travel risks ahead.

Executive Travel To Mexico & The Security Risks for Media and Journalists

According to the group Reporters Without Borders, Mexico is one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists, both local and foreign. The professionals who report on organized crime, politics, and corruption receive negative attention from both the public and Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel. Law enforcement in Mexico remains limited in their ability to address the security risks facing journalists who work for well-known newspapers or simply blog independently. Journalists should exercise extreme caution when visiting Mexico for work, even if they are visiting traditional vacation destinations. Individuals continue to be targeted for anyone who is critical of Mexico’s response to organized crime or corruption in law enforcement. 

Journalists who are dispatched to Mexico for work face the very real possibility that they could be kidnapped due to their profession. Even if international journalists are reporting on something unrelated to organized crime or politics, the risks remain the same. Should an employer fail to properly assess and plan for the security risks facing their media teams, the organization is likely to be held liable for anything unfortunate that occurs. Kidnapping for ransom, violent assault, and muggings in broad daylight are just some of the few issues that can arise when international media visit Mexico. Without the right precautions, employers face the reality that their staff could be harmed during their work assignment in Mexico.

Executive travel to mexico illustrated by a sunset over a mexican city.

Organized Crime With Limited Boundaries

It’s no secret that executives stick out from the general population in Mexico. A well-dressed business traveler with a smartphone in hand can paint a target on their back for both crimes of opportunity and organized kidnappings. While many instances of petty theft can be avoided, organized criminals have become far more resourceful in their tactics. Many organized criminals use information and intelligence-gathering tactics similar to what law enforcement and military personnel use in their everyday work. In fact, the Mexican cartel is so influential that they can call upon the public to protest through social media, use technology for crime, and often collaborate alongside local law enforcement for their work.

As such, corporate travelers to Mexico must look beyond traditional security measures and use intelligence to their advantage. Simply utilizing a protective driver is not enough to manage the potential of organized criminals targeting traveling executives when they cross into Mexico. Pre-trip planning, intelligence gathering, and ongoing threat monitoring can work in an employer’s best interest, tapping into available intelligence and avoiding risk in the first place. 

Safe Travel Security Services For Business Travel To Mexico

While organized criminals have an unwritten rule to not interfere with the country’s most popular vacation destinations, beyond these places anyone is fair game to be targeted for crime. As many industries shift their manufacturing and production facilities to the US-Mexico border towns, visiting these job sites comes with incredible risk. The same applies to executives who visit non-traditional destinations across Mexico for business. Conducting business meetings or inspecting job sites comes with security risks that are simply hard to ignore.

The truth is that Mexico maintains a dark underbelly of crime and corruption, and ignoring such issues as an employer has endless consequences. In the event a well-known executive is kidnapped for ransom, their family and friends will look to the employer for solutions. When all is settled, should an employer have failed to properly prepare for the risk of kidnap or murder, the organization will feel the full brunt of both the legal and reputational damages.

AFIMAC Global maintains incredible security resources for any North American traveler visiting Mexico. Serving executive teams in multiple industries, AFIMAC can fulfill an employer’s duty of care obligations to provide a safe workplace for their staff, even if the job site calls for extensive travel. Explore protective driver solutions, executive protection agents, intelligence gathering, and active threat monitoring that ensure your people are always one step ahead of the bad actors that pose security risks.

AFIMAC maintains security resources directly in Mexico and can work closely alongside employers to facilitate the safe movements of entire workforces. Explore duty of care solutions that speak to the incredibly dangerous nature of travel to Mexico, and plan for complications before they ever occur.

We are proud to serve an incredibly diverse range of clients including business leaders, political leaders, high-net-worth individuals, medical tourists, and much more.

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