Workplace Investigations for Identifying Corporate Fraud

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations That Are Fair and Unbiased by AFIMAC

Workplace and HR investigations conducted by a qualified third party provide impartial and unbiased insight into the behavior of your workforce. Whether an employer is concerned about internal theft, payroll, or insurance fraud, an employee investigation conducted by AFIMAC can spot corporate crime and fraud in its many forms.

AFIMAC adheres to the most robust workplace investigation tactics, capable of gathering information on behalf of an employer without any bias or influence. The results of an investigation are passed along to the employer, providing simple facts rather than guidance or consultation. Such information can help employers make informed decisions about their workforce with documentation that can withstand difficult litigation, should it come to that. Lean on the professionals of AFIMAC who have conducted elaborate workplace investigations for major corporations across North America. 

Workplace Investigations: Why Conduct Workplace Investigations?

A workplace investigation can be conducted when an employer suspects wrongdoing of any kind within the job site. It can include anything from time theft, organized internal fraud, criminal negligence, or simply bad behavior.

A complete workplace investigation is a simple collection and documentation of facts, helping employers make the most informed decision possible. When an employer decides to make changes to their workforce, whether it be a mass layoff or dismissal of specific employees, such investigations can be used to validate their decision. Ultimately a proper investigation officially documents the employer’s efforts, illustrating that their choices were made with careful thought and consideration.

Workplace Investigations: Why Conduct Workplace Investigations with a Third Party?

There is an inherent bias when a company’s internal HR department conducts an investigation. Your HR team is likely to have had professional relationships with the workers being investigated, and it is possible that the facts they have gathered are not without bias.

Workplace investigation companies such as AFIMAC pride themselves on an entirely unbiased and fair approach to workplace investigations. Such investigations are not intended to prove guilt or wrongdoing but to simply collect evidence from all parties involved.

AFIMAC’s investigators gather facts and can conduct extensive interviews with staff to get to the bottom of whatever concern is facing the business. Investigations that are completed by a third party can withstand legal challenges should the company be accused of wrongful dismissal.

Workplace Investigations: What Does a Workplace Investigation Include?

AFIMAC investigators look to cast a wide net when conducting an investigation. Not only are investigations fair and unbiased, but they are also incredibly thorough. Investigators take a close look at the facts by gathering physical and digital evidence, including everything from security camera footage, emails, clock-in and clock-out times, travel itineraries, and phone call records. 

Such investigations can also include interviews between worker and investigator, which are often recorded on video. AFIMAC workplace investigations are conducted with respect to any and all data laws while respecting an employee’s right to privacy. 

Workplace Investigations: How Long Does a Workplace Investigation Take?

Some workplace investigations are conducted quickly, with less formality and fast resolutions, while others call for more thoroughness. Especially complex investigations could take several days or weeks to complete.

Workplace Investigations: What Are Next Steps After a Workplace Investigation?

AFIMAC provides a full report of the results of a workplace investigation which includes complete documentation of the entire undertaking. All details are provided to the employer with the ultimate intent of helping you make the most informed decisions possible. AFIMAC investigators can also follow up on a workplace investigation at a later date if the situation calls for it.

Workplace Investigations Offered by AFIMAC

AFIMAC workplace investigations can uncover fraud and negligence throughout your organization. When senior leadership is concerned about internal theft or crime within the workplace, AFIMAC can reveal hidden details in a fair and balanced matter. Bring an end to fraud and internal losses in your company and ensure that your staff is dedicated to their work and not misconduct.

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