Union Strike Warning Signs

Union Strike Warning Signs That Every Employer Should Know

February 15, 2023

Union Strike Warning Signs for North American Employers

Union strike warning signs are looming for many North American employers in 2023. Labor strikes are likely to be a common occurrence throughout the globe as many workforces fight for an increased share of profits and greater compensation. Those who employ unionized workforces should expect their staff to command increased salaries, benefits, and flexible working arrangements. Inflation and its resulting higher costs of living have left many employees with no choice but to head to the picket line and strike against their employer at some point in 2023. Labor union strike signs in the workplace are likely popping up in your workforce, and your preemptive efforts could save your company incredible amounts of time and money for several years to come.

Union Strike Warning Signs illustrated by a workforce chatting.

AFIMAC has worked closely alongside a number of Fortune 500 companies in North America for well over 30 years, addressing labor uncertainty in all its forms. Know the labor strike signs and ensure your business is capable of navigating these challenges with services that include contingent workforces, strike security, executive protection, and social listening tools.

Top Five Union Strike Warning Signs

For employers expecting unionization, walk-offs, union and labor strikes, look for these top five warning signs: 

  • Union chatter among your workforce is one of the obvious signs that managers can pick up on. Suddenly your workers might be showcasing their respective union on their clothing, or you might catch a glimpse of a union pamphlet being handed out in the break room. Either of these might signify a unionization attempt in your workforce or an upcoming strike.
  • sudden change in attitude among your staff may signify an incoming strike or unionization effort. Employees who were once very friendly with management may suddenly appear more adversarial or become quiet. Pay special attention to how workers speak to their managers, especially when discussing pay and benefits. If the conversation turns very formal, it might signify labor turmoil in the near future.
  • Sudden and unexpected camaraderie in your workforce might signify something more than great company culture. Workers who were once just pleasant and polite with each other are now quite jovial and have become increasingly close may be a clue. It may just be workers developing friendships or a subtle sign for employers to expect a strike or unionization.
  • Off-site lunches and get-togethers among staff afford the opportunity for your workers to discuss the logistics of a strike or unionization. When staff get together off-site, they are free to discuss pay, benefits, and how to extract more from their employer. Keep an eye out for sudden changes in the routine that comes with lunch breaks, and be keenly aware of the social activities that are not put together by your management team.
  • Organization via social media makes it all too easy for your staff to quickly arrange a strike or unionization. When your employees have dedicated social media groups where they can freely discuss their work, some might see an opportunity to create a union or take part in strike action. Managers must be keenly aware of how their workforce discusses their roles along with their expectations for future employment.

Labor Strike Signs and Solutions Offered by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is unique in that it does not only offer solutions to ongoing strikes and picket lines but also works to address strikes and unionization before they happen. Careful planning can help your organization brace for an upcoming union and manage these complications before they happen.

Social listening tools from AFIMAC can identify problematic ideas, including strikes and unionization among your workforce, well before they develop into a full strike. AFIMAC can help employers remain keenly aware of what is being discussed online and the company’s reputation and identify a union attempt or strike before it happens.

Know the worker strike signs across several industries, including healthcare, education, food service, manufacturing, grocery workers, and government-funded employees. Corporations or government agencies expecting labor strikes, general worker turmoil, picketing, and protesting can lean on AFIMAC to provide a number of full-service solutions.

AFIMAC regularly hosts webinars to discuss ongoing labor turmoil in North America. Learn directly from the specialists at AFIMAC and sign up for our upcoming webinar.

As an employer, learn more about your options when facing a worker strike. Plan months in advance and avoid disruptions to your business continuity. AFIMAC remains one of North America’s only full-service solution providers to labor disputes and union strikes. Bring resources directly to your job site, contact us today and fill out the form below to speak with an AFIMAC representative.

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