Workplace Discrimination
Investigation Services

Workplace Discrimination Investigation Services illustrated by a investigator reviewing a private corporate file.

Workplace Discrimination Investigation Services

Workplace discrimination investigation services can dive into complaints of discrimination and help employers collect and gather evidence when such incidents occur. When HR investigations are conducted by a private investigation company, the information provided can help employers make sound business decisions, terminate employees, and protect the company against claims of negligence. 

Employers across North America have a legal obligation to address workplace discrimination claims head-on, with swift responses that ensure the safety of the entire workplace. Hesitating, or ignoring discrimination complaints can create a workplace with reduced productivity, and high turnover while taking the focus off productivity entirely. Gather information that can help employers know for certainty what has occurred on the job site, and respond before your job site puts others at risk.  

Workplace Discrimination Investigation Services illustrated by a magnifying glass.

Workplace Discrimination: Defining Discrimination On The Job Site

Complaints of discrimination can arise in several different forms, both during the recruitment stages and on the physical job site. Workplace discrimination is any form of mistreatment of a person or group of people for their age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, disability, culture, or religion. Discrimation as a concept continuously evolves and could include different factors over time. For instance, some workers might be discriminated against based on their social standing, for being pregnant, their choice of clothing, or their appearance.

AFIMAC Workplace Investigations can dive deep into the complexities of discrimination on the job site. Gather the facts alongside fair and independent private investigators with AFIMAC Global.

Employers have the moral and legal responsibility to regularly educate their staff on the complexities of discrimination and how it can arise on the job site. HR policies must be revised, typically year after year, to update and revise language that promotes equal treatment regardless of all staff. With such anti-discrimination policies in place, HR professionals can determine which complaints warrant a deeper investigation and which do not. Company-wide anti-discrimination policies act as a means of fulfilling an employer’s legal obligation to provide a safe job site for their staff. 

Affording The Opportunity For HR Complaints

Employers must also provide a safe avenue for their staff to bring up concerns of discrimination to the employer. Due to the power dynamics between manager and worker, some staff may feel as though they are unable to bring such complaints to the attention of HR for fear of retaliation. When issues of discrimination or general mistreatment are left unheard and unaddressed, the employer could experience claims of negligence, or costly litigation at a later date. It is always in the best interest to develop sound and concise HR practices that welcome concerns on behalf of the workforce. 

When a staff member informs their employer that they have been discriminated against, the employer has a legal responsibility to take further action. Creating a safe job site and fulfilling your duty of care obligations could include anonymous tip lines or a simple open-door policy that welcomes concerns from staff. Such provisions do much more than protect staff but ultimately develop a workforce that is free from discrimination and focused on productivity.

Evidence Gathering Services

When complaints of discrimination do arise, oftentimes internal workplace investigations will come with an inherent bias that can jeopardize the entire process. Fair and unbiased workplace investigations into discrimination are delicate matters best addressed alongside a third party who has never interacted with your staff before. Should a discrimination complaint lead to formal litigation and an employer conduct their investigation, the results would likely not withstand legal challenges.

When a serious concern of workplace discrimination arises, your internal HR representatives should act as the first point of contact, carefully documenting the case and turning the results over to a private investigation company.

Considering Workplace Discrimination Investigation Services From AFIMAC Global

Make extensive efforts to protect your workforce and ensure it is free from discrimination by thoroughly investigating complaints alongside AFIMAC Global. Get to the bottom of such issues and gather information alongside workplace investigations that are brought directly to the job site and have never interacted with your staff before. HR investigation services by AFIMAC include extensive intelligence-gathering techniques including formal interviews, collection of digital data, and even information scraped off of social media.

When employers know the facts they can be sure that the resulting HR decisions are supported by fair and unbiased evidence. Protect both your corporate brand and the workforce you maintain by digging deep into job site complaints including not just discrimination, but harassment, sexual misconduct, and general misbehavior. AFIMAC maintains a suite of intelligence-gathering tools that adhere to all North American privacy laws, offering access to information that would otherwise not able available to an employer. Connect with us directly to learn more about our offerings in the realm of workplace investigations.

Service offerings are available across North America, bringing investigators directly to your job site. Don’t delay and put your business at risk, fill out the form below now to speak with an AFIMAC representative today.  Contact us now for more information.

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