Social Media Background Check Services & The Surprising Details You Can Learn About Your Workforce

February 11, 2024

Social Media Background Check Services

Social media background check services are one of the many tools available to employers who have concerns about their workforce or any other security risk that could impact your business. Effective social listening congregates mass amounts of publicly available data, sifting through keywords and social posts regarding your business, capturing only the details that matter. 

When employers have concerns about insurance benefits fraud, worker’s compensation claims, the risk of protests, boycotts, and picket lines; social media listening can help you plan for and manage any risk against the business. Social media monitoring services from AFIMAC Global can gather intelligence and information that supports HR decisions and ensures your workforce is honest and productive.

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Social Media Background Check Services and Insurance Fraud

When employers have concerns about benefits fraud, social media investigations are a great compliment to any private investigation service. Many employers are likely to be surprised at the results of a formal social media investigation, as those who partake in benefits or worker’s compensation fraud often over-share details about their private life directly on social media. When workers claim they are injured or are too sick to work, tapping into their social presence might prove otherwise.

At times, when insurance benefits fraud is suspected among your staff, the tools available on behalf of AFIMAC can gather evidence and ensure all claims for benefits are in fact genuine. The results of an investigation might show that without a doubt, workers are enjoying their time off despite making false claims of injury. Social media investigations can verify the concerns of employers, gather supporting evidence, and ensure that their benefits plans are being used appropriately.

Off-Site Staff Worker Misconduct

Social media checks and monitoring can also be used to verify claims that a worker has acted inappropriately off of the job site. Employers are likely to be surprised at the attitude and demeanor of some of their staff on public social forums, despite them being productive and respectful while on the clock. Many employees agree to certain standards of behavior upon being hired and should understand that their actions while off the job site could harm the reputation of the business. Whether there are concerns about general inappropriate behavior online or the use of derogatory language, employers can respond to complaints with formal online investigation tools that gather fair and unbiased information. 

Such services can also be used as an effective screening tool during the hiring process. Social media investigations can work as a tool that ensures a company has completed its own due diligence, taking every possible step to verify the claims of a new hire. Gathering information that supports important HR decisions for both recruitment and employee termination purposes.

Monitoring Online Behavior

Employers and executive teams are now facing a growing sense of resentment from the general public, especially in the food industry. Planned boycotts and protests continue to be quietly discussed online, while your business or brand potentially being the next target for political activism. The meat and dairy industry, in particular, continues to be openly criticized online and could eventually grow into more complex security risks impacting job sites. Social listening services can tap into the publicly available data regarding the risks of potential boycotts against your business, and help you plan for security concerns before they arise. 

Additionally, AFIMAC can identify people of interest leading the political campaigns against your industry. Oftentimes, planned boycotts are discussed on public forms with specific people leading the charge. Gather information and weigh the potential risks of boycotts against grocery chains, food production facilities, dairy farms, and meat packing facilities.

Workforce Unionization

Unionization efforts are often first discussed on popular social platforms, and employers can catch wind of the creation of a new union in their workforce weeks before it becomes a reality. Formal unionization within your workforce could impact the continuity of your business for years to come, and staying one step ahead of these efforts can help you plan for the complexities of a labor strike and picket lines. Tap into important conversations regarding your workforce and take a temperature read of their opinions regarding their work, and their next steps towards formal strike action.

Screen your workforce and new hires with pre employment screening tools from AFIMAC Global.

Social Media Background Checks From AFIMAC Global

All of AFIMAC’s social listening tools for employers adhere to North American privacy laws, helping employers gather fair and unbiased information for any purpose. Dive deeper into the claims made by your workers and actively work to manage risk by listening in to the online chatter that matters most.

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