When Monitoring Workers, Are Toxic Social Media Comments Grounds For Termination?

Monitoring Workers

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Monitoring Workers With Private Investigation Techniques from AFIMAC

Monitoring workers via social listening tends to reveal troves of information on your workforce that likely never presented itself during the initial screening process. Whatever the reason may be for monitoring your workforce, one of the most common results that come from such social listening services is online toxicity. The employees that often present themselves as kind and collaborative in person, may actually speak poorly about their employer, their coworkers, or even friends and family.

HR teams are routinely challenged by what is found online in regard to their workforce, which could include everything from lifestyle choices, problematic interests, or just rude beavhior online. Social listening helps employers collect more information as a means of managing risk and the likelihood of workplace violence, but what happens next when general toxicity is revealed?

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Discovering Toxic Behaviors in Your Workforce

Many employers have turned to private investigation companies such as AFIMAC to uncover more information about their employees. Often used as a screening tool, such services can also be used to monitor existing employees in an effort to determine if there is a present risk of workplace violence. When certain employees act out, conducting an internal investigation typically includes tapping into social chatter by a third party. 

In other cases, social monitoring of an employee reveals imminent threats, but in other cases, raises eyebrows due to toxic and unkind social media comments that are revealed. While these comments don’t represent any immediate danger, they might single out individual employees as being toxic when not on the job site. 

Monitoring Workers With Social Listening Tools

Whether or not online toxicity impacts your job site, rude and unkind comments on public forums does not represent your brand or corporation in a positive light. Toxic comments made online, even if they are non-violent, can warrant an employee’s termination. Each situation is unique, but employers are best to carefully document concerns should they consider terminating the employment of the staff member in question.

As many employers call upon staff to represent their company in a positive light both on and off the job site, they can be held to standards set out in each company’s employment contract. Intelligence agencies such as AFIMAC Global are capable of conducting deep research when concerns are present, but clients are often left on their own to make the final decision regarding a formal termination. Employers are typically surprised at what they find online, and tough decisions must be made as the truth is that even the most pleasant employee can be known as toxic while using social media.

Mitigating Risks of Workplace Violence

In cases where an employee’s social media presence has been hateful, threatening to others, or has revealed an interest in weapons, greater steps must be taken to protect the workforce and prevent instances of workplace violence. These employees who outright present security risks could present a high risk employee termination, acting out upon receiving the news or returning to the job site to harm others.

It is often not enough to simply terminate employees who present imminent danger. During these difficult times, determining the risk of an active shooter in the workplace calls for extensive security resources along with monitoring the individual for weeks after they have been let go. Many resources are available to clients who are concerned about a toxic employee turning violent, including executive protection, on-site security guards, and continuous threat monitoring. Leaving a potential active shooter scenario unaddressed ultimately exposes the company to extensive liability issues, along with harming the reputation of the employer for many years to come.

Social Listening From AFIMAC Global

Leverage the incredible reach of AFIMAC Global and use intelligence to your advantage to spot toxic employees before issues find their way onto your job site. Employers can send a message to their workforce that they will be held accountable for their actions, both on and off the job site, by leveraging the social listening tools of AFIMAC. Use such offerings as a screening tool that uncovers details that never should up in a criminal background check, or dig deeper when a formal HR complaint is made. Build strong workforces that are focused on productivity, pinpoint concerning behavior, and gather intelligence that can support upcoming business decisions.

AFIMAC Global is one of the only full-service intelligence agencies and security companies that brings the best of private security and social investigation. Capable of serving any industry in North America, we can help employers access publicly available information that paints a full and complete picture of the workforce. Manage risk, investigate concerns, and protect the business you have worked so hard to build.

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