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A private investigation occurs on a job site as an investigator takes notes.

Private Investigation Into Any Kind of Workplace Matter 

Private investigation into workplace matters can be especially tricky when complaints are delivered anonymously behind the viel of the internet. Even when employers do not have a system in place for staff to submit their concerns anonymously, your HR team may still find that staff has many things to say about their working arrangements. When employees can vent anonymously on social media or feel more comfortable slipping an unsigned letter under the door of their HR manager, employers have a responsibility to respond no matter how the complaint is delivered.

A private investigation occurs at a job site in New York City.

Writing off anonymous workplace complaints as banter can expose your business to issues in the future. Should an employer have known about an anonymous complaint but failed to act, the employer can later be deemed negligent during formal litigation. Take anonymous workforce complaints seriously and investigate claims as a means of protecting both your business and the workforce.

Private Investigation & Considering Why Employees Hide Behind Anonymity

When employers have an “open door” policy about submitting workplace complaints, it doesn’t mean that your staff will speak up the moment there is an issue. Discussing bullying, harassment, and discrimination is an uncomfortable conversation to have face-to-face with an HR professional. More often than not, employers may find these complaints on popular social media channels or anonymous message boards.

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The dynamic between worker and employee doesn’t create an environment where a staff member can freely discuss their concerns about fellow coworkers or managers. Some staff may be fearful that speaking too honestly about issues may result in a backlash against them, and it might simply be easier to give an honest opinion anonymously. The honesty that comes from posting anonymously online may reveal intimate details about the job site, your business, and workplace culture issues that could harm your ability to attract talent and develop productive workforces.

Where to Begin When Handling Online Chatter and Anonymous Complains

When anonymous complaints do arise on social media or by other means, employers may want to educate their workforce about existing policies in place for protecting staff. Simply informing them of how to officially make a complaint and reiterating that they are allowed to speak freely with HR is likely to reveal important information that can protect a workforce. 

Some staff may simply not know that their complaints can be submitted to HR without ever revealing their identity. HR policies should afford staff members not just the opportunity to raise concerns but also a choice to include their identity. Educating a workforce about their rights and encouraging them to come forward without any negative repercussions is likely to reveal details of a complaint that was originally highlighted in an anonymous social post. Make efforts to ensure that HR complaint policies work in their best interest, ensuring that they have a comfortable and safe space to come to work each day. 

Why Workplace Investigations That Are Best Reserved For Third Parties

When anonymous complaints arise online and HR managers simply have no other information to work with, the best course of action is to hire a third-party investigation team to handle the details. Leaving these kinds of complaints unaddressed is dangerous, especially when they make serious claims of harassment or unfair treatment on behalf of management. Third-party workplace investigators leverage tools that are typically unavailable to employers, capable of listening in on social conversations and uncovering details without violating privacy policies. 

Private investigation companies can reach out to anonymous authors of complaints, gather further information, and reveal details that can help the employer make highly informed business decisions. When employers are presented with accurate and complete information from a qualified third party, their decision to terminate an employee is supported by fair and unbiased information.

Private Investigation Made Simple By AFIMAC Global

Attempting to investigate anonymous workplace complaints internally is treacherous territory for any business. HR professionals are inherently biased having worked on the job site itself, and attempting to gather fair and unbiased information can be next to impossible. Investigate anonymous complaints correctly the first time by hiring an independent private investigation company that specializes in these matters, capable of navigating challenging hurdles and tapping into information without ever compromising the privacy of your staff.

Social Media Worker Monitoring Often Reveals Surprising Details About An Employers Workforce

AFIMAC Global remains readily available to assist with HR investigations that include anonymous complaints uttered online. Create a paper trail of reliable information that can help employers create a workplace that is free from harassment and illustrates that bad behavior comes with consequences. These kinds of complaints are delicate matters that are almost always best addressed by a qualified private investigation company such as AFIMAC. Our services are available across North America for employers of all sizes. 

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