Workplace Incident Investigations into Job Site Accidents

Workplace Incident

Incident investigations are called to investigate a jobsite accident.

Workplace Incident Investigations For Employers

Workplace incident investigations allow employers to gather the facts when something tragic has happened on the job site. When death or serious personal injuries occur during business hours, employers will need to answer to the family members and their legal teams with fair and complete information that identifies whether or not the incident was preventable in the first place.

Workplace incident investigations are called to gather facts after a construction worker falls.

When workplace accident investigations are conducted by a third party, employers can be certain that the information collected is fair and complete. The results can protect the employer, but also help to determine the truth about the nature of the accident, along with how an employer can improve their safety practices in the future. Incident investigations can even be used when there has been a close call, gathering details that can be integrated directly into safety training programs and ultimately create a safer job site for your staff.

Workplace Incident Investigations For Construction Sites

The nature of the construction industry calls for employers to conduct extensive training and safety practices to ensure that workplace accidents are as limited as possible. But even with the most robust training programs in place, safety risks can present themselves and put not only your staff but also the public at risk. Serious accidents can occur due to employee or employer negligence, poor weather, or faulty equipment, with the employer being held responsible for what occurs on their job site. 

#WorkplaceAccidents are an unfortunate risk that comes with working in the construction and manufacturing industries. When tragedies do occur, ensure that your #WorkplaceInvestigation is done correctly, with fair and unbiased documentation of any accident causing injury or death

In the event of serious injury or death, Employers will need to act quickly to gather the facts, document the job site, and ensure all parties involved know for certainty how something like that has happened. Construction sites, in particular, are vulnerable to several safety risks due to the mix of machinery and their proximity to the public, where one wrong move could prove to be disastrous for your workforce or members of the public. Should your company have incident investigation practices in place, they may not be enough to gather fair and unbiased information while protecting the employer’s liability concerns. Effective due diligence on behalf of the employer often calls for the services of an independent third party who specializes in such matters, gathering information that comes without the inherent bias of your internal HR teams and safety specialists.

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Private Investigation Services Deployed to You

Job sites in manufacturing can present some safety hazards to staff due to the use of specialized equipment and machinery. At times, these job sites can be demanding environments with long hours that call for specialized training and staff who work alongside more experienced professionals who can foster a workplace culture of safety. Without the right precautions, employers can be held liable for incidents on the job site as incidents causing injury or death are almost always considered to be preventable.  

Even with the most robust safety procedures and training programs in place, employers must continually revise their efforts to reduce the likelihood of injuries in the first place. Safety is an ongoing conversation between the workforce and the employer, calling for endless revisions of best practices along with risk analysis that spots issues before they cause harm to others.

When something unfortunate does occur on the job site, workplace investigations are a delicate matter that must be done correctly the first time. Failing to properly investigate a serious workplace accident can expose an employer to costly litigation and claims that the employer failed to protect its staff. The location of the incident itself will need to be carefully preserved to properly gather the facts, while interviews will need to be conducted to properly determine what went wrong on the job site. In almost all cases, hiring a third-party private investigation company avoids the possibility that bias will compromise the investigation itself.

Job Site Accident Investigation Services From AFIMAC Global

Utilizing independent investigators who are trained in workplace incident matters can ensure that all information collected is fair and complete, without any concerns of influence or bias. Internal workplace investigations are flawed simply because your own HR teams have interacted with your staff previously. Should your business face litigation from a workplace incident, the results of your internal investigation may not withstand legal challenges on behalf of the injured party.

Not only do AFIMAC workplace investigations protect employers, but they also ensure that the investigation is done correctly the first time by only those qualified to do so. Bring investigators directly to your job site across North America and remain dedicated to identifying how incidents in your workplace unfold, and what steps you as an employer can take in the future to prevent incidents in the first place.

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