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Social Listening Services and Evidence Gathering

August 18, 2023

Social Listening Services Available to Corporate Entities

Social listening services offered by a qualified private investigation company can work to address ongoing issues of defamation that occur in plain sight. Many corporations and their executives are subject to digital slander on online forums and social media, sometimes with organized campaigns to harm the reputation of specific companies and their leaders. Some bad actors can even look to confuse or distort online investors while making claims about a company’s actions that are simply false. Social media monitoring and listening tools from AFIMAC can help gather evidence on your behalf and build a legal case of defamation, identify those responsible, and help protect the reputation of your business and executives.

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Executives in gasoline, petroleum, natural gas, mining, meat, dairy, and farming sectors often have their business practices dissected by activist groups. At times, they could spread false information about your company to sway public opinion or even organize protests and picket lines at your workplace. When cases of digital slander and defamation are left unaddressed, it could send the message that such actions against your business don’t have consequences, paving the way for more complicated security risks. Tap into the conversations being had about your company and senior leaders and ensure that those who don’t play by the rules are held accountable for their actions.

Social Listening Services and Anonymous Digital Slander

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are where public opinion is often formed. Contentious information tends to move quickly, whether or not it is factual, often garnering tens of thousands of views in a matter of hours. Many bad actors take advantage of this, hiding behind anonymous accounts and spreading harmful information, hoping it is reshared by the general public. When digital slander campaigns work their way into certain social groups, slander could harm a corporate IPO, distort an investor’s perception, and create general confusion.

Private investigation companies such as AFIMAC can sift through the mass amount of social posts about your company or executives, pinpointing the source of misinformation. With clear and concise data from social media monitoring tools, senior leaders can gain a snapshot of the conversations about a company and adjust their business plans accordingly.

Monitoring Boycotts, Negative Press, Demonstrations

The food and grocery industry across Canada and the United States remains under close watch by the general public. Monitor consumer sentiment and tap into conversations to weigh the reactions from the general public and determine if upcoming boycotts are possible. Use such information to pivot your business and prepare for picketing and protests. Such offerings are also suitable for any oil and gas company that is facing scrutiny from the general public. Get up-to-the-minute information of incoming demonstrations and make business decisions in the best interest of your property and workforce.

Private Investigation for Livestock, Dairy, and Meat Companies

The food industry has been a magnet for negative attention from political activists for years, creating a number of risks both in the physical and digital spaces. Anti-meat activists often curate negative press targeted at specific companies while helping to push and reshare such information in an effort to shape public opinion and spread information about their cause. At times, some activists may hide behind anonymous accounts, create social posts with false information, and look to harm the reputation of specific individuals.

These digital slander campaigns can have a negative impact on a corporation’s profits, as some activists may try to persuade others to boycott specific grocers or encourage others to take part in slander themselves. Some activists may intentionally use misinformation to spark outrage amongst the general public and even create workplace security risks through picketing and protests.

Monitoring The Security Risks of Protests

AFIMAC can find and monitor activist group discussions online and predict an upcoming protest facing your business. When senior leaders have such information at their fingertips, they can make pre-emptive efforts to protect their workforce and ensure that the job site remains in a state of business as usual despite the conversations being held online.

Private Investigation Services Provided by AFIMAC

AFIMAC is the global leader in addressing corporate security concerns facing several businesses that attract negative attention online from activists or the general public. Many meat, dairy, livestock, and Fortune 500 companies have leveraged the social listening tools of AFIMAC to not only take a temperature read of what the public had to say about their company but also to identify threats and help them plan accordingly.

Embrace risk mitigation both on and offline, gather evidence, and identify the source of digital slander campaigns facing corporate executives and entire businesses. Contact us today to learn more about your options when your company draws the ire of activists looking to harm your business and spread misinformation. As a private investigation company, AFIMAC can gather evidence of slander on your behalf and help your company build a legal case to hold those accountable for their actions.

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Updated January 31st, 2024: Social listening and private investigation tools from AFIMAC continue to show their value, uncovering details of planned protests, political demonstrations, and the movement of activist groups. Leverage or private investigation tools for exceptional risk management and duty of care. Contact us by email today to learn more.

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