Pre Employment Screening Services

February 9, 2024

Pre Employment Screening Services From AFIMAC Global

Considering The Role of Private Investigation in HR Due Diligence

Pre employment screening services are one of the many tools available to employers looking to take a deep dive in new candidates applying for work at your business. Regardless of the industry, your staff’s lifestyle choices could be a concern from an employer’s perspective, potentially putting others at risk. As criminal background checks offer important information for the pre-hiring process, they can miss details about the individual candidate that are not included in a formal background check.

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Identify lifestyle choices that may have your HR team thinking twice about locking down a new hire. Discover what never shows up on a resume or criminal background check, and get to know candidates in a different way, before you hire them. With the right hires and screening services from social media listening and private investigation tools, employers can develop a workforce that is focused on productivity above all else.

Private Investigation Offerings

Lifestyle choices, whether they are legal or not, could pose a risk to your business or workforce. Knowing these risks can help employers spot the individuals that may later partake in theft, or act inappropriately on the job site. Duty of care includes the workforce itself, and claims of negligence can be avoided entirely if employers gain a complete picture of every hire they complete.

Consider the possibility that a candidate shines in person and throughout the interview process, but their social media profile might reveal concerns about alcohol consumption. Or, some candidates may appear to be the right fit for a role but have concerning interests including an obsession with violence or weapons online. Social listening taps into publicly available information that can be used to make informed hiring decisions, avoiding the bad apples when hiring new staff.

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Social Media Screening of Executive Hires

Employers hiring c-suite executives should never overlook social media during their due diligence. It’s no secret that employers often do some digging of their own on popular social media platforms, but they often only scratch the surface of what AFIMAC private investigators can find. The social listening services of AFIMAC dig deep through thousands of social posts, capable of revealing information that was initially published decades ago. Our reports offer a snapshot of the most important and relevant information, with a full collection of anything that might be of interest. 

Criminal background checks and credit record checks are important parts of hiring any executive or high-skilled employee. Truthfully, however, they often miss other details that may be relevant to the employer but are not criminal offenses. Simple intelligence gathering conducted by AFIMAC can reveal political affiliations, problematic lifestyle choices, or honest opinions about work and family life that may adjust your perception of the candidate. These pieces of information can work to supplement any existing hiring process, helping employers know for complete certainty that they are making the right choice.

Pre-Hire Screening For Safety-Sensitive Roles

Some industries employ skilled workforces that simply have no room for error. Healthcare, airlines, and public transportation call for employers to do extended due diligence to ensure the safety of all stakeholders. Leverage the private investigation team of AFIMAC to meticulously go over every detail of candidates, collecting publicly available information lifted from thousands of social posts. 

Such investigation services can reveal lifestyle choices including drug addiction or simple bad behavior that could harm the company’s public image. Never break privacy regulations and use AFIMAC as a means of demonstrating your commitment to the most exhaustive due diligence procedures possible. Information can be used to your advantage and AFIMAC specializes in the unique need of executive leadership across North America. 

Pre-Employment Screening Services For Major Hires

Consider leaning on a private investigation company to verify the claims of potential executive hires, diving deep into their social media, cross-referencing job histories, and uncovering information that would otherwise not show up in a formal background check. See if there is more to the story that has been told to employers and partner with a third party who can quietly investigate executive hires. Many employers might be surprised as to what they can discover about a candidate through their social media presence. Such information is a great compliment to a criminal record check or financial record check, ensuring the your due diligence has gone to the appropriate lengths.

Learn More About The Role of Private Investigation in Hiring

The social media listening tools of AFIMAC are available for the one-off screening of candidates, but can also be leveraged on an ongoing basis. Stay informed of the social media habits of your workforce as a means of protecting the business itself. Should you have other concerns about workers that pose security risks, employers can partner with AFIMAC to take a close look and conduct their own internal investigation. 

Strong HR practices often leverage intelligence agencies such as AFIMAC Global including everything from workplace investigations, social media investigations, and threat risk assessments. AFIMAC has no political or religious affiliations whatsoever, and we are proud to serve governments, private businesses, and even religious institutions across North America with any of their HR-related needs.

AFIMAC is proud to serve endless corporations and governments with their private investigation needs, whether it is screening new or existing employees, or conducting an HR investigation. Be certain that the information gathered from AFIMAC Global is of the highest quality, free from bias of any kind. Bring investigation services to your job site and tap into information that is critical to supporting your business decisions.

Fill out the contact form below and see for yourself what can be sourced by the social listening offerings available from AFIMAC. Contact us now to learn more. 

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