Dark Web Leaks & The
Security Risks They Create

Dark web leaks shown via a woman surfing the dark web.

Dark Web Leaks and The Real Life Security Risks 

Dark web leaks in corporate North America present much more than IT concerns for a business but also several home security risks that must be promptly addressed. When dark web password leaks compromise network security, senior leaders should begin considering what information has made it onto the dark web, and whether or not sensitive personal information has been sold to the highest bidder. Whether your business has experienced a serious IT security breach, or as an executive you are curious as to whether your personal information has been published on the dark web, AFIMAC Global can conduct dark web searches on your behalf. 

Stay within arm’s length of the dark web and let AFIMAC identify whether or not personal information including your home address has fallen into the wrong hands. The dark web presents endless security risks, both digital and in-person. Manage these risks and take strides to protect both the job site and your home with dark web searches, at-home risk assessment, and executive protection services that provide peace of mind when it is needed the most.

Dark web leaks illustrated by a bad actor surfing the dark web.

Risks to Intellectual Information and Personal Property From Dark Web Leaks

The personal information of your executive team is sacred, especially as security risks in 2023 and 2024 extend well beyond the immediate job site. Cell phone numbers, home addresses, email account passwords, and license plate information are all valuable bits of information that can be used for a number of nefarious purposes. When such information is harvested from an internal data breach, it can be made available for sale on the dark web to anyone who is interested in it. The end result can be attempted identity theft, elaborate cyber attacks, or even home invasion.

In today’s age, information can be weaponized for a number of purposes that could target individual leaders or the entire business. Consider what could happen if your home address falls into the wrong hands and is sold to a stalker or contentious political activist group. Or, plan for the possibility that an executive team’s personal information is sold to your workforce in the midst of a difficult labor strike. The security risks are extensive and include so much more than the immediate challenges facing your own internal IT systems. 

Risks to Personal Vehicle Information

The information sourced from the dark web often includes the make, model, and license plate information of senior leaders that could be targeted during corporate travel or at an executive’s home. Organized criminals may use this information to track the movements of specific vehicles and then source your home address. Such concerns may call for protective driver solutions along with a deeper examination of the security risks at both the job site and the home. 

Preventing the risk of bad actors visiting the home calls for access to information that sifts through the endless data points both through the dark web and social media. Respond when personal information finds its way into the wrong hands and tap into security resources brought directly to the home when risks present themselves.

Considering The Role of Intelligence Gathering

Dark web leaks can, however, be identified by partnering with a qualified intelligence agency such as AFIMAC. Be notified the moment personal information has found its way onto the dark web, or determine if sensitive information has appeared on these forums in the past. 

Executive teams can even monitor the dark web and social platforms alongside AFIMAC, which is especially important during challenging situations including labor strikes or layoffs. Having access to the most complete and robust information possible helps executive teams continuously weigh any present security risk whether it be tied to labor turmoil, political activism, or disgruntled and recently laid-off employees.

Full-Service Security Solutions From AFIMAC Global

Should a serious threat against the home arise, or the personal safety of an executive is compromised, corporate entities can leverage intelligence to their advantage. The deep and comprehensive intelligence gathering tools of AFIMAC, including dark web searches can work to proactively address security risks against the home. Should a personal address make its way online, or it has been leaked online in the past, knowing the risks can help you prepare for anything.

Consider leaning on AFIMAC to perform dark web searches on your behalf.

AFIMAC is proud to partner alongside maybe well-known corporate brands across North America, working directly with executive teams to mitigate security risks in all their forms. Whether digital or in-person, AFIMAC can provide solutions to security risks that often begin with a dark web leak, and end with something more unfortunate occurring at the home. Determine for certainty if there is a reason for concern after a data breach, and what information has made its way to the dark web. Many of the executive protection services of AFIMAC are full-service in nature and can be dispatched when threats have been made or there is a reason for concern found on the dark web.

Contact us now by filling in the form below to speak with an AFIMAC representative today. We maintain extensive military and law enforcement expertise, helping you secure the home, office, and personal information with one partnership.

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