Social Listening Services That Scrape The Digital World To Spot Real Life Security Risks

February 15, 2024

Social Listening Services As Preemptive Risk Management

Social listening services afford the opportunity for many executives, political leaders, and high-asset individuals to reveal security concerns before they put themselves at risk. Even those who have sworn off social media entirely could still be exposed to security risks that stem from the social media presence of friends and family. Consider the possibility that being off social media entirely doesn’t mean that friends and family could be posting sensitive information online, completely unknowingly.

When motivated bad actors wish to source information on their target, they often turn to public forums. The endless publicly available information on social media could reveal personal information that many executives would rather keep private. Partner with AFIMAC and utilize Executive Threat Risk Assessments that can scape through the digital presences of your loved ones, and spot social posts that are better left off the internet entirely.

What Family and Friends Can Reveal About an Executive’s Personal Lives

It’s often never the executives themselves that reveal their home address or the license plate number of their vehicles online. Family and friends, innocently enough, can reveal details about you and your life without ever thinking twice. Should this information fall into the wrong hands, it could be used to facilitate a home invasion, result in property damage, or even be made available for purchase on the dark web. 

Social listening services illustrated by a woman monitoring social media on a computer.

In some cases, information found on social media could be used to blackmail an executive or be used in an effort to publicly defame a politician or well-known media personality. Today, information can be weaponized in a number of ways, leveraged at opportune times during a labor strike, or utilized by political activists for nefarious purposes.

Dive deep beyond a criminal background check and conduct pre-hire screening alongside AFIMAC Global.

Considering What Friends and Family Have Revealed Online

The five most common pieces of information that are revealed from AFIMAC’s social listening tools is often photographs, with key details revealed in the background. Some of the most common social posts that pose security risks to an executive include: 

  • Selfies or group photos taken at birthday parties or get-togethers at an executive’s home, unintentionally reveal the address of the property itself. This type of information can quickly find its way on social platforms such as Facebook, posted by an executive’s child or close relative.
  • Friends and family posing with or simply posting a photo of an executive’s high-end vehicle, with the license plate number in plain view within the photograph. Such information could be used to monitor the whereabouts of a specific executive, where bad actors could track a vehicle back to the home.
  • Social posts from a close family member of recent vacations, including details about an executive’s vacation property or cottage along with information on access points and other vehicles.
  • Social posts or images that include the names of pets. This information is often used by bad actors to guess the answers to security questions of an executive’s banking account or a personal email address. 
  • Social posts, images, and videos that reveal romantic relationships or lifestyle choices of specific executives. Even when an executive never uses social media, photos and videos posted by someone else can be used to extort or embarrass an executive in both their personal and professional lives.

Social Listening Services For Managing Risk & Threats Against Executives

Partner with AFIMAC Global and leverage our Executive Threat Risk Assessment to identify personal information posted by friends, family, and even colleagues. The social listening tools of AFIMAC can sift through thousands of social posts, sometimes many years old, and identify when and where personal details have found themselves on social media. With such information available, these problematic social posts can be scrubbed from the internet, preventing them from ever falling into the wrong hands.

Executives, politicians, media personalities, professional athletes, and high-asset individuals have some of the most complex security risks, especially when it comes to home security. Social media can compromise the safety of the home, and clients must use information and intelligence to their advantage. Connect with AFIMAC directly and begin the process of skimming through years of social posts to effectively mitigate security risks.

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