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Workplace Investigations and
Corporate Culture: Compliance
and Ethics

HR Investigations and Corporate Culture: Compliance and Ethics

July 18, 2023

HR Investigations: How to Develop Exceptional Workplace Culture

HR investigations are a tool that many employers use to address suspected fraud and theft. Employee investigations are often used as a reactive means to address fraud. HR investigations can sometimes be a negative experience for your staff and must only be used in warranted and justified situations. Begin with creating a culture free from bad behavior and rewarding staff for their dedication to their employer.

Promote a workplace culture with incentives for great work ethic, exceptional attitude, integrity, and honesty. Learn how to create a workplace that is dedicated to its craft and free from internal theft. 

Handcuffs lay next to an arrest report after the results of an HR investigation.

The Top Workplace Culture Tips to Build Strong Workforces

Explore the best workplace culture tips for employers provided on behalf of AFIMAC.

Embrace Work-Life Balance

All work and no play can create a dull work environment that can lead to burnout and poor retention. Explore workplace culture events that bring together staff and let them focus on learning about one another rather than the tasks they are paid to complete. Celebrate holidays and birthdays, and organize social events that take the focus off work for a short period to recharge and make your worksite an enjoyable place to come to each day. 

Flexible work arrangements can also help your staff juggle their duties at work and at home. Explore flexible work schedules that allow employees to fulfill their parental commitments without taking them away from the job site. 

Lead by Example

Consider whether your managers are putting in the same effort as your workforce. Having a manager bark orders at your staff without making an effort themselves might leave your employees unhappy with their employment arrangements. Managers should be looking to contribute and support their workforce with the same effort as entry-level employees. Consider polling your workforce to see if managers are pulling their weight on the job site.

Transparency and Open-Door Policies

Having a manager who is unwilling to discuss an employee’s concerns makes for an uncomfortable work situation where laborers don’t feel supported. Open the door to hearing issues from your staff and demonstrate that HR is taking them seriously. Harassment, abuse, and bullying should never be brushed under the rug and should be addressed head-on by management. When the situation calls for it, concerns of harassment can be explored more seriously with a third-party work investigation conducted by a private firm such as AFIMAC.

Reward Honesty Among Staff

Incentivizing your staff to inform the HR department about fraud, theft, and general misbehavior should always be rewarded. Employers that provide bonuses, including additional paid time off for great work ethic and reduced internal losses, can positively impact your bottom line. Consider a number of incentives that encourage staff to be honest about what happens at the job site outside of what management can see and hear.

Compensation That Discourages Internal Theft

Employers who have ongoing issues of internal theft and fraud should be taking a close look at the root cause of their problems. Staff who are paid low wages but are handling expensive goods such as electronics may be tempted to steal from their employer simply because they aren’t properly compensated for their work. When an employer pays a living wage, the temptation to steal becomes much lower. Review your benefits and offerings to ensure that your staff can make ends meet in their own lives and never consider indulging in theft.

HR Investigations from AFIMAC Global

Workplaces with ongoing theft and fraud can explore work culture initiatives, but sometimes it is not enough. Discover several tools for employers that can covertly investigate your workplace, uncover fraud, and even deter organized crime within the job site. Contact AFIMAC to explore HR investigations, screening and background check solutions, security audits, access control systems, and general risk mitigation that can protect employer profits.

Fill out the form below and explore your options for managing these challenges alongside a qualified third-party investigation firm such as AFIMAC.

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