How Threat Assessments Can Help Employers Avoid HR-Related Surprises

Threat Assessments

Threat Assessments illustrated by a private investigator using monitoring tools of a workforce for risk management.

Threat Assessments conducted by a team of AFIMAC risk management professionals.Threat Assessments and Avoiding HR-Related Disasters

Threat assessments can act as a robust tool for addressing concerns specifically related to an organization’s HR department. Should your HR professionals receive complaints of harassment or threats, social listening can be utilized as a supplementary tool that can support any upcoming business decision. Should an employer be faced with a high-risk employee termination, wish to support disciplinary action, or is about to promote someone to a high-profile executive position, social media monitoring taps into the depths of the internet to give the employers access to information that isn’t available through any traditional background check.

Workplace Threat Risk Assessments from AFIMAC Global can be used in a multitude of ways, with fair and unbiased information-gathering techniques that are free from bias. Get to the bottom of any HR-related concerns and utilize due diligence offerings that reveal the truth about your workforce and potential candidates.

Threat Assessments & Risk Management

In 2024 workplace conflict is at an all-time high, with organizations being forced to navigate complex HR-related issues including harassment and threats of violence. While some issues can be written off as bad days on the job site, employers have the responsibility of ensuring that their job site is free from reasonable harm, including workplace conflict. In the event a staff member formally threatens the safety of others, it should warrant a deeper look into that individual.

Keeping tabs on a worker who has uttered a threat of violence or who has acted inappropriately in the past can reveal important details that can prevent security issues before they occur. Determine whether workplace conflict was a one-time occurrence, or identify patterns of bad behavior that could put others at risk. Gain deeper insight into an individual’s social profiles and reveal whether their bad behavior may turn into something more complex. Oftentimes, a Threat Risk Assessment from AFIMAC can reveal further threatening behavior, an interest in violence or concerning political movements, or if a worker is planning to cause harm to others.

Risk Management For Layoffs and High-Risk Employee Terminations

Tapping into the workforce’s social media presence can determine if there is a greater risk facing the workplace itself and HR during a large-scale layoff. The social chatter of your workforce could help an employer predict if an employee’s termination will turn high-risk once the news is delivered. Knowing this information before a layoff or employee termination can help manage the security risks that will present themselves while giving time to help employers properly prepare. 

Layoffs are typically met with emotions including anger and frustration, and employers can protect the remaining staff and executive teams by continually monitoring the situation. Once a high-risk employee termination occurs, keeping tabs on those who pose risk well after the termination has occurred can benefit all parties involved. Some former employees may take to social media to vent their frustrations, or utter threats against their former managers. Threat Assessments from AFIMAC can reveal important details of upcoming active shooter situations and listen closely to the social presence of staff deemed to be “high risk.”

Assessments, Private Investigation, and Intelligence For Executive Promotions and Awards

Effective HR due diligence calls for so much more than a traditional criminal background check. Screening services that have been used for years may miss important details about a new hire or existing employee that could have an employer rethinking their decision. Even the executive candidates who shine on paper and in person might be rude or toxic online, and employers will need to look beyond screening services that only reveal criminal convictions. Social listening can uncover the true and unfiltered thoughts of new hires, but also existing employees. 

Those who are primed for an executive promotion may need a second “social screen” before receiving their new employment offerings while gifting an award to a community leader may call for a dive into “skeletons” that may reveal themselves at a later date.

Risk Management From AFIMAC Global

Contentious opinions, racist comments, and generally inappropriate online behavior are just some of the details revealed by a Threat Risk Assessment conducted by AFIMAC Global. When utilizing a private and qualified third party, employers can be certain that the information gathered is free from bias of any kind. These monitoring offerings can be applied to individuals who pose risk or be tailored to monitor entire workforces who regularly use social media to communicate. 

Conduct a Workplace Threat Risk Assessment across organizations of all kinds including corporations, political parties, and religious entities. Any senior leader concerned about the conversations or behaviors of their staff online can listen in on the publicly available conversations and make the most informed business decisions possible. Leverage the offerings of AFIMAC as a toolset perfect for your HR team or as a means of fulfilling your duty of care obligations to provide a safe job site for all staff.

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