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Social Monitoring Services and Weighing Public Response

Social monitoring services are one of the many intelligence gathering tools from AFIMAC that can help employers and government entities plan for unpopular business decisions. Whether you are planning to conduct mass layoffs, are expecting a union strike, or are planning to launch any kind of political campaign, social media listening can help read the temperature of the public well in advance.

As many major brands face backlash for their political affiliations and marketing campaigns, simple social media monitoring works to manage the uncertainty of what “could” happen next. Gather intelligence and weigh the pros and cons of making tough business decisions before your company, brand, or political party experiences public backlash. In other cases, make efforts to tap into public opinion and gather the general consensus of a municipality, state, province, or an entire country.

Social Monitoring Services illustrated by a person scrolling through their phone.

Social Monitoring Services: Gathering Information On The Public Regarding Your Business Decisions

Formal worker strikes bring security risks directly to the job site and employers run the risk of attracting support from the general public as well. Picket lines are at times dangerous places, and businesses will need to conduct extensive pre-strike planning to manage the potential risks facing those crossing the picket line along with the general public. Tap into social chatter to gain a reading of the public’s opinion on upcoming strike action, and consider whether your job site will be picketed by more than just your unionized workforce.

For businesses that serve the public such as major coffee chains, grocery stores, fast-food establishments, or retail giants, a labor strike could see the public swearing off your brand entirely. Aside from the immediate impacts on your business continuity, worker strikes could have long-term impacts on your business’ reputation for many years to come. The intelligence gathering tools from AFIMAC can read the sentiment of the general public, helping to predict whether or not the employer should be expecting losses in revenues once the strike is over. For union strikes that go on for extended periods of time, public boycotts could tarnish the trust you have developed with the public and see them looking to spend their money elsewhere.

Gathering Intelligence on the Response to Public Boycotts or Marketing Campaigns

Grocery stores, fast food chains, and well-known brands in the food industry are likely to face scrutiny from the general public when the time comes to raise prices. Products and services in the food sector continue to creep higher, and employers should consider taking a temperature read of the public’s opinion before increasing prices. Accusations of price gauging and claims of profiteering continue to run rampant on social media, and players in the food industry can leverage social listening tools as a means of preparing for public backlash. Tap into social chatter and determine if consumers are upset with recent business decisions, or preemptively read the sentiment of the public and choose the best course of action for you and your business. Public boycotts can have long-lasting consequences,  

Social listening can help address the uncertainty that comes with making unpopular business decisions including layoffs, union negotiations, and political campaigns.

One major beer brand learned the hard way that their customer base simply detested a marketing campaign that was intended to showcase inclusivity. The general public is as divided as ever, and marketing campaigns that show support for the LBGTQ+ community or are political in any way have turned into touchy issues that some members of the public may vocally protest. Social listening tools can gather the sentiment of customers and work to predict how the public could react to upcoming marketing campaigns, or read into the political affiliations of your customers.  

Monitoring Risks After Mass Layoffs or High-Risk Employee Terminations

Employers will need to make difficult decisions in the coming months regarding their workforce, either cutting costs or letting go of entire fleets of staff to make ends meet. These decisions are never made lightly, but terminating a workforce comes with security-related consequences that should never be overlooked. 

Tapping into social chatter and identifying individual employees who could react negatively to the news of being let go can prevent security incidents and workplace violence. Lay-off planning could include temperature readings of an employee’s social media presence, helping to plan for security risks either at the moment of termination or several days later. When the public hears news of large layoffs, social listening can monitor the public’s reaction, plan for boycotts, and determine if there are greater security risks to the job site. Oftentimes, family and friends feel the impacts of their relative’s termination as well and could visit the job site to vent their frustrations or partake in violence.

Private Intelligence Services From AFIMAC Global, Contact us Today

Intelligence and information are power, and executive leadership can implement investigation tools that sift through thousands of social posts on your behalf, reporting on sentiment and considering possible reactions. When you are faced with making difficult business decisions, AFIMAC can provide information that can be used to help you plan for negative public backlash and security risks before they ever occur.

Use information to your advantage and leverage an intelligence agency such as AFIMAC to help executive leadership stay in the know of risks and other challenges. Fill out the form below and contact us today to learn more.

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