Intelligence Gathering
During Protests

Intelligence Gathering During Protests

August 3, 2023

Intelligence Gathering Tools for Protests

Intelligence-gathering tools for protests can help manage risks associated with the rising interest in activism. The rules and rights to protest continue to be bent in many ways in 2023, where there are endless reasons to rally against organizations, both big and small. When the public looks to exercise their right to protest, it ultimately creates difficult situations for those looking to protect public property. Intel gathering plays an important part in managing risk, helping organizations make informed decisions and plan appropriately.

Explore some of the unique risk mitigation tactics offered by AFIMAC that can help politicians keep a close eye on developing protests. AFIMAC can actively work to gather intel, extract relevant information, and identify risks well before they turn into real security threats. AFIMAC can help organizations, at any level, utilize risk mitigation techniques that ensure that all members of the public partake in truly peaceful conduct. Learn why conducting intelligence gathering can make a big difference when ensuring safety and protecting property.

Intelligence Gathering on Digital Platforms

Successfully managing the challenges of a demonstration often begins with intelligence gathering, both online and offline. Many flash protests are organized quickly on forums such as Facebook and Twitter before a politician catches wind of them. Some demonstrations can be arranged in an hour or less, with very few warning signs, often utilizing the element of surprise in their favor. 

Enlisting a security company to actively monitor these social platforms can help keep senior leaders up-to-date on developing protests, saving precious minutes and helping to prepare and respond. AFIMAC is keenly aware of the social groups that organize such protests, gathering relevant information and notifying leadership of security risks as they arise. These details can help to actively control the movements of the general public with access control systems that include gates and physical security guards. 

Intelligence Gathering on the Ground

When protests do occur, your intelligence-gathering efforts should remain ongoing. AFIMAC protest specialists can take a temperature reading of an ongoing protest by attending the demonstration itself, gathering information on protestors, and pinpointing those who might pose additional security risks. At times, a protest or demonstration can begin with peaceful intentions but experience a shift in mood that could eventually turn ugly. When a protest turns sour, some members of the public may act out, deface public property, or hurt one another.

When this information is passed on to security directors or senior leaders, your organization can adjust its tactics, recruit more resources, and help plan for complex issues. When organizations are well-informed, they can make critical decisions that protect public property, prevent injuries, and ensure the safety of all parties involved. Should the temperature reading of a protest reach a boiling point, AFIMAC can consult on best practices, provide security drivers, and ensure the safety of specific VIPs under incredibly short notice.

Intelligence Gathering and Ongoing Protests

Protests that go on for several days are intricate matters and should always be managed alongside a third-party such as AFIMAC.

When a peaceful protest turns into something violent and destructive, intelligence gathering can work to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Such information is key for law enforcement so that those who act with criminal intent face real consequences. AFIMAC maintains deep relationships with law enforcement agencies across North America and can even work in tandem with officers to maintain peace during extended protests. Gather information, conduct surveillance on activists, and use such information to make informed decisions that ultimately protect your best interests.

Intelligence Gathering Conducted by AFIMAC

AFIMAC remains well-suited to address the needs of organizations looking to manage the risks of heated rallies. The unpredictable nature of a flash protest can put leaders and the public at risk, opening the door to liability and reputational issues. Intelligence gathering is just one element of a comprehensive 360 approach to risk mitigation offered by AFIMAC. As a qualified security company, AFIMAC can address every aspect of a protest, including pre-protest planning, access control systems, security forces, executive protection, and protective drivers.

Actively work to address risks and ensure the safety of people, property, and the public. Fill out the form below to learn more about AFIMAC’s service offerings. 

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