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Worker Monitoring Services and Private Investigation Options For Employers

Worker monitoring services can be used to quietly investigate and keep tabs on employees who may pose a risk to themselves or their fellow coworkers. When a formal complaint has been issued against a member of your staff, concerns of workplace violence can be mitigated by monitoring their social chatter. Employers can conduct their own investigation on individual employees using the private investigation tools of AFIMAC Global, revealing social posts or other information that could call for security resources or termination. 

Dig deeper into the social media profiles of those within the workforce who may pose risk and gather information that could reveal their next steps. These tools can be used during a high-risk employee termination, monitor active threats, or members of the workforce who have simply behaved poorly in the past. 

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Worker Monitoring Services: Addressing Potential Workplace Violence

Post-pandemic it is no secret that issues of conflict on the job site have only increased. Misbehavior, harassment, and bad attitudes could prompt an employer to conduct deeper due diligence on their staff, weighing the possibility of repeat offenses and workplace violence. Should issues persist and an employer fails to act, they are likely to face the full brunt of the consequences. Experiencing workplace violence is never pleasant, but employers who fail to act on warning signs that were present on social media days, sometimes months in advance ultimately paint corporate brands as negligent. 

Private investigation tools offered by AFIMAC demonstrate an employer’s commitment to providing a safe workplace, avoiding claims of negligence while fulfilling duty of care obligations. Implementing social listening and private investigation tools offers more information on individual employees or entire workforces. Discover if certain employees have an interest in violence or weapons, and determine whether they pose a risk to others. Such information can be used to support employee terminations,  

Preventing Workplace Violence Occurrences

Mass layoffs and high-risk employee terminations may send even the most well-behaved employee into a state of anger and frustration. The security risks don’t end after a mass layoff, and some employees could return to the job site to harm others. In these cases, closely monitoring social media can help identify active shooting scenarios before they occur, with many warning signs that often appear online before the unthinkable happens. The individuals who partake in workplace violence tend to be vocal on social media, often revealing their intentions on public forums. AFIMAC can investigate these matters in advance, preemptively preventing 

Should an employer be made aware of an imminent threat, use these precious hours before an active shooter event to lock down the workplace and prevent harm to the workforce. AFIMAC can even help an employer respond to the threat itself, offering security resources, implementing access control systems, and dispatching executive protection agents specifically for senior leadership. 

Risk Mitigation and Planning Services

Compliment your private investigation and monitoring techniques and carefully plan for the risk of violence on the job site. Employers must face the reality that workplace violence is statistically likely, and should it occur, there are plans in place for the entire workforce. Risk mitigation planning conducted by a third-party security company outlines in incredible detail what happens next when violence occurs. 

Much of this planning from AFIMAC is backed by resources including security forces, social media monitoring, and evidence gathering that can work in a business best interest. Protect the brand itself and gain facts about what has occurred on the job site with independent third-party investigations.

Private Investigation and Risk Mitigation From AFIMAC Global

AFIMAC offers a suite of risk mitigation services that speak to the complex need for safe workplaces in a post-pandemic world. Simply planning for the chance of workplace violence with HR policies and best practices is often not enough to prevent violence from occurring. The intelligence gathering tools of AFIMAC Global paint a more complete picture of your workforce, helping employers gain a snapshot of what kind of people they are beyond the job site. This kind of information is critical to securing a workplace and identifying those who may harm others.

As both a security company and intelligence agency, AFIMAC specializes in the delicate nature of workforce monitoring, capable of discreetly monitoring employees without ever breaking privacy laws. Lean on a third party to monitor your workforce correctly, and gather information that addresses risk preemptively.

Connect with us directly to learn more about the many tools and security resources available to employers. Explore everything from risk mitigation planning, executive protection, social media monitoring, and on-site security staff intended to protect both your human resources and property. Capable of serving employers across North America, AFIMAC Global is at your service. Fill out the form below to learn more and speak with a representative today.

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