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Executive Travel to South
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Deterring Kidnapping During Executive Travel

April 26, 2023

Corporate Travel Risk Management Solutions by AFIMAC

Corporate travel risk management calls for extensive planning and resources. Executive travelers who must conduct business in remote parts of the world face very serious risks of theft, assault, and abduction, even when traveling as a group. Kidnapping during corporate travel has grown to be a serious concern for employers who have no choice in sending their workforces and executives to destinations such as Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and other locations in South America. Often the only way to truly manage the risks of executive travel is to enlist a third-party travel management company that is familiar with the destination and the threats to your organization to protect your business travelers.

Fulfill your moral and legal obligations to provide a safe workplace for your traveling executives alongside AFIMAC. When executives must visit remote job sites and collaborate with international businesses, AFIMAC can provide ongoing travel management support that allows your staff to focus on business rather than travel risks.

A local driver provides secure transportation services as part of the corporate travel risk management offerings from AFIMAC Global.

Corporate Travel Risk Management: Kidnapping Attempts

In today’s world, kidnapping comes in many forms that employers must be aware of. Kidnapping is the unlawful abduction and capture of someone against their will, and criminals across the world have become creative with their efforts.

In some cases, tourists visiting South America may be kidnapped, taken to an ATM, robbed of their money and valuables, and left to fend for themselves, all in less than 24 hours. These short-term kidnappings, or “express kidnappings,” are common in larger cities across South America and can last just a few short hours or overnight.

Executive kidnappings for ransom are an opportunity for criminals to extort large sums of money from their target. They often involve the demand for a ransom to be paid either from the individual’s employer or family. These types of crimes can last for several days and include risks of serious injury or death. Typically, criminals will carefully plan their kidnapping attempts, completing research on their target and gathering intelligence about their itineraries and travel arrangements. This type of crime may include a large team of organized criminals who have carefully planned their efforts well in advance of their target’s arrival.

One of the newest forms of kidnapping is digital kidnapping, which sees criminals collect information and attempt to convince an employer or family member that their target is being held hostage. Criminals will often encourage an employer or loved one to pay a small ransom as quickly as possible before they can confirm the kidnapping.

Corporate Travel: How to Deter Kidnapping Attempts

These are some of the best ways employers can prevent and reduce the risks of kidnapping attempts during business travel:

  • Security training is one way an employer can manage the risks of kidnapping. Arm your professionals with basic security tools well before they cross international borders. Executive security training can be provided by a third-party security company such as AFIMAC and arm your senior leaders with basic security tactics that can help them spot risks during travel.
  • Don’t be over-confident. For the executive who has traveled to a job site in South America dozens of times, overlooking the risks of visiting a familiar yet dangerous destination can be disastrous. Take it seriously, plan appropriately, and take measures to ensure the safety of your executive team.
  • Exercise caution and be wary of just about everything. That means keeping valuables concealed at all times, being highly aware of your surroundings, and never using a local taxi. As an executive or high-net-worth individual, the risks are simply too high to trust the area; attempt to blend in, never look lost, and assume that everyone, including local police, poses a risk to your safety.
  • Embrace travel management solutions from a security company that has global resources. The best travel management companies take all the complexities out of international corporate travel and provide protective driver solutions, along with full-service executive protection offerings that can work to ensure the safety of traveling professionals anywhere in the world.

Corporate Travel Kidnap Solutions from AFIMAC

The consequences can be extensive if a member of your workforce or senior leader is kidnapped during business travel. Should an employer be found to have not taken steps to ensure the safety of their traveling teams, the liability of kidnapping could fall on the organization itself. 

AFIMAC can address an employer’s duty of care obligations with several executive security solutions including protective drivers, physical executive protection agents, and ongoing risk mitigation with travel tracking. AFIMAC prides itself on both its meticulous planning and security resources across the globe, including destinations such as Mexico and the entirety of South America. 

Our security solutions enlist protective drivers who are highly familiar with local risks, conduct ongoing contingency planning, and pivot at a moment’s notice should a security threat occur. These solutions can address the potential for kidnapping, offering peace of mind and duty of care solutions for traveling executives.

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